Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rest in Peace Maggie

My dad called me with sad news yesterday. His dog, Maggie, passed away after 14 good, long years of life. He had been expecting it for some time now. The vet believed she had some type of cancer and yesterday proved to be too much for her. 

Even though she was an older golden retriever she always acted like a puppy. She loved hunting with my dad and she was very upset when he had to retire her last year due to her age and health (she just couldn't take the cold water anymore).

My dad will miss her company, her cheerful disposition when he arrived home and her running to meet him at his truck, their morning walks to get the newspaper, peanut butter and graham cracker snack time, even her annoying habit of running off when you weren't looking to go eat the neighbors scraps.

Maggie you will be greatly missed and never replaced. Thanks for putting up with Lola's annoying puppy antics and I'm glad you got to sniff Ethan at Thanksgiving. I hope there's lots of yummy food for you to eat in doggie heaven!



  1. aww that is so sad! my families dog was sick a few years ago. My parents had decided it was time to put her down so while they were gone my grandma threw away her bed and bowl so my mom wouldn't have to see it and get upset when they came home. Then my parents walked back through the door with the dog! lol the vet told them to try a new medicine for a few days and see if it would work... unfortunately, it just prolonged the obvious :( sorry about maggie, she was a cutie!

  2. Laura, if there is one thing I have always said it is there is nothing like a pet's love. I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss of your Maggie. I know your dad's heart must be aching. Hugs sent your way!! She was so precious!!


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