Friday, April 23, 2010

Weeks 15 & 16 in Review

How far along: I'm technically 17 weeks now, but I'm reviewing weeks 15 & 16

Total weight gain: 2 pounds...heading back to the doctor next thursday so I'll have a more legit number then. I feel like I've gained at least 10. I think little Pistachio must be growing pretty quickly now. I'm feeling weird growing pains (not really's not painful...more just weird) like I did the first couple of weeks.

Maternity clothes: I have officially broken out the belly band a couple of times. I have one pair of jeans that fit comfortably now with out it, I hate dress pants, and I'm seeing a lot of dresses in my future. At this point though, I'm trying to get by. I figure I'll be growing a lot pretty soon so no reason to waste money on clothes that might not last me.

Sleep: I'm getting plenty of sleep. I still have to get up at least once to pee in the night. Sometimes I lie awake a little bit. I think I just have too many thoughts on my mind right now. I have been trying to practice not sleeping on my back.....let's just say I need more practice.

Cravings: Anything acidic sounds great right now. I'm loving orange juice, anything lemon flavored, sour candies, and vinegar (which really isn't all that weird...I've always liked vinegar). I think all that points towards GIRL!!! I totally believe I'm having a girl.

Best moment for these weeks: I totally peed myself this week...actually twice. Isn't that suppose to happen later??? Maybe I'm just weird. I have some pretty vicious sneezes and thanks to all this pollen in the air...I've been sneezing a lot and apparently sometimes when I sneeze...I pee now. SO NOT COOL!!!

Movement: I think I have felt little Pistachio move but I can't be quite sure. There are lots of weird little feelings going on inside of me right now, but I can't really tell you what it is. Maybe movement? I need more to be sure!

Labor Signs: Of course not!

Belly button in or out: Less flat now...a little wider.

What I miss: Oh I would kill for a strawberry margarita, a cold beer, and my summer favorite - Miami Vice! I also miss feeling good in my clothes...there's more of that to come I'm sure.

Weekly wisdom: It's taken me some time, but I've finally realized I'm pregnant. I'm slowly starting to get excited about things. I have realized I'm just one of those people who has to grow to like something and that's okay.

Milestones: Possibly feeling the baby move?!?

Favorite moments: Finally discussing was only once, but now that we've talked about it I feel a little less stressed about it.

Photo Updates:
And just to I was 2 months ago!!!

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  1. no no...peeing earlier on is kind of normal too...because later on, I don't pee at all! And if you read my blog (which I think you do), you know I was famous for throwing up AND peeing my pants at the same time. It was glamorous. Really.

    They say you can help this problem by doing your kegel exercises ;)

  2. Yay! Updates! I know what you mean about having to get used to something :) I hope you have a beautiful weekend! XO

  3. lovely belly pic! pistachio is definitely getting bigger. :) any chance of a front view? i'll choose boy/girl when I can see the front view.


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