Thursday, April 15, 2010

He Could Have Been Her Prince Charming

Yesterday morning I came outside because Lola was barking her head off and I thought the neighbors might appreciate it if I attempted to do something about it.

"Look at what I found mom!"

I came out to find Mr. Froggy who was, for some crazy reason, desperately trying to get under our fence and into our backyard.

I couldn't decide if Lola was trying to send him away or cheer him on through the fence. I've never really seen her interact with such an animal.
To kiss or to eat?

Mr. Froggy did make it through the fence later that afternoon. I found him on our back porch around lunch time, but decided to keep Lola inside.
It was for your own safety Mr. Froggy.
I will always wonder if they would have been friend or foe...Sometimes it's best just to keep wondering.


  1. How cute. I wonder what Bella would do if she came across a frog??

  2. Adorable! And what a crazy frog. I wouldn't try to play with something that was 10x my size and barking it's head off.


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