Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Week Full of Wonderful Surprises!

This week has turned out to be a little more exciting that I originally expected. My sister called me Monday morning and told me she was coming to visit for the whole week which worked out wonderfully since my husband was scheduled to be gone Tuesday and Wednesday night for an out-of-town work meeting. We have been keeping ourselves busy doing some shopping, eating out, and catching up with some reality shows On Demand. A few I recommend... Tori & Dean (because she has cute kids, mama drama, and Guncles), Kristy Alley's Big Life (because I love her sense of humor), and Parenthood (better than I originally expected and maybe a few learning points for me since I'm a parent to be soon).

I also got a call from my cousin Garth and my mother-in-law concerning birthday plans for this weekend! My birthday is on Saturday and my cousin's is on Friday so we will be doing a joint celebration Friday night and then Saturday my mother-in-law is taking me on a little adventure. I'll wait and post all the details after the fact so look forward to that next week! Cute outfits have been purchased!

Yeah, small picture! I couldn't find a larger one! Click here instead.

There is one more top I purchased from here that is also an option!

Also this week we were lucky to schedule a vacation! We actually didn't think we would be taking one this year considering all the money we have had to pour out and will be pouring out between the house and the baby, but thankfully due to a sale on airline tickets and splitting a condo with another couple we have been able to manage it! This year we will be vacationing in Siesta Key Florida on Crescent Beach.

I have never been, but our friends have and have loved it. If you guys have any recommendations on things to do there let me know!


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