Thursday, November 13, 2008

Over Sanitizing

I was watching the today show yesterday and they had a quick segment on germs on shopping carts - online they actually have a list of 12 of the most germy places . I don’t know why this frustrates me so much, but it does. I feel like America is on its way to over sanitizing itself to death. I mean honestly if you are sanitizing the hotel room remote, light switches, clock radio, etc. every time you travel as suggested when exactly do you have a chance to relax and enjoy the vacation? Then does it even stop there??? Think about everywhere you go on a daily basis that requires you to touch something that a stranger might have also touched…do we really have to sanitize EVERYTHING? Ever watched As Good as It Gets or Monk – seriously do you want to live like that?
I don’t have any children myself so maybe I have no right to express this opinion, but I feel like parents are pretty much scared into placing their children into these little protective bubbles. What ever happened to playing in the dirt and eating cheerios off the floor? My personal thought on the matter is a little dirt doesn’t hurt. I loved making mud pies as a kid at my grandmothers. I’m pretty sure I ate some and I think I turned out to be just fine. How are kids ever suppose to build up an immune system if you don’t let them get dirty every once in awhile? So go ahead – throw away your hand sanitizer, play in the dirt, eat off the floor and build up that immune system!

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