Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life in Pictures - Something I Do Every Day

"The purpose of this photo challenge project is to encourage you to pick up your camera and start capturing details of your life. This project should also serve as a way to look at what others are finding to shoot and will hopefully keep you inspired to look for more moments in your life you wouldn't always think to capture with your camera."

"Something I Do Everyday"

I had a difficult time thinking of what to do for this one....everything seems so, well, everyday. I tried to think of something that maybe I did differently from others and I couldn't really come up with anything. My favorite things that I do everyday are really just the simple things. Isn't that what life is really about anyways though?

The first thing I do when I pull into our parking lot is immediately check the mail. I get so excited in hope that there will be something special waiting in there for me...a card, an invitation, or maybe just a good magazine. Most days though it's disappointing...

The next thing I do is rush inside to greet Lola! She makes my day when she runs out of the bathroom to give me hugs and kisses.

Finally I look forward to eating dinner with my husband. I'd like to say that we sit down to a nice home cooked meal every night, but we don't. One thing that is consistent is praying before we eat. I actually have to say that it isn't something I do on my own (and I should) but it's something that Michael holds us accountable to when we are together.


  1. You're little Lola is adorable! I don't usually like dog kisses, but I'd take hugs from her! :-) Too cute!

  2. I like the hand holding. Holding hands is fun.

  3. When we first were married, we didn't pray before each meal, but eventually we did. Now we don't eat that we don't pray, & Duane is often better at remembering than i. Knowing that he is so good about it, i do pray even when alone.

    It makes me feel a little conspicuous (Like a Pharisee praying on a street corner? I wonder). Still, i want to honor my Father who provides for me.

    Thank you for sharing part of your day!

  4. I love the hand holding also. We are better than we used to with praying with our meals, but would like to still have it be an automatic habit.

    I'm such a doggie lover! What a cutie

  5. I used to love to get my mail. Then we had custody law suits for several years and I had major anxiety over getting the mail because there could be something from some lawyer. It shouldn't have phased me, but it did. I can get the mail now without being all anxious about it but I don't look forward to it like I used to.

    Your dog is cute!

    I love praying with my husband!

  6. I'm enjoying your photo challenge.

    Also, love the new sweater (a few posts back)!

  7. Love your dog and that hand holding is a great pic! :)

  8. How great are your pictures and your life? Love it.

  9. praying is such a good habit to do together. I never pray before I eat unless I am with my grandmaw and thats' only because she makes us.

    Are you going to turn your blog int this picture album thing of your life??? I like it so I wouldn't mind if oyu did :)

  10. I hate getting the mail, but I love holding hands. . .


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