Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Options Tried. Options Failed.

You guys are all correct. I am in a definite "funk". That's okay though, we all go through them. I just need to figure out how to get myself out. I've tried the easy solutions...

Overindulging Myself with Food

When I refer to overindulging myself, I mostly mean eating sweets. It's my vice. My husband was kind enough to bring my a bag of Sour Patch Kids after a not so wonderful Sunday. It gave me momentary happiness until I started to think about the possible weight I could gain. Then I thought...Hey! I could use that gym membership I pay every month, but I quickly realized I had no time and even if I did, I'd be too lazy to go. Also I began to think about the amount of cavities my little vice causes me.

Buying Items I Do Not Really Need

Michael works on Saturday, which is unfortunately a day I always feel then need to do something and get out of the house. There aren't too many things that I feel comfortable doing by my lonesome except...SHOPPING! I love it. It is a wonderful time killer, but also a bank account dwindler. In fact, my little pick me up shopping trip led me to proposing a plan to my lovely husband for a raise. We both have a set amount that we have determined as our own personal funds to spend as we please. Which works great until I see the extreme amount of savings he has and the piddly amount that I have. My plan went something like this...

My hair cut unfortunately does not cost me $15. I am stuck inside an office all day while you get to travel from store to store. I have to eat lunch out sometimes to preserve what's left of my sanity. I require more than 4 pairs of shoes. My work attire is not supplied and I cannot get away with wearing the same pair of pants a couple of times a week. I am a woman. I require more upkeep. End of story. Raise granted.

Unfortunately still I feel broke and will be returning a few of the items I purchased on my little pick me up trip.


This one usually works for me as well. I put all of my frustrations into getting the house in tip top shape. Picking things up and making things smell lemony fresh usually gives me a feel of satisfaction. However, on this particular occasion I felt extremely discouraged by the amount of cleaning I would need to do in the kitchen. Which sent me into a depression of how I feel I clean CONSTANTLY and that this routine will never end. I then walked out of the kitchen to start on the living room to kind of gradually get myself into the cleaning mood. That's when Lola peed and I tried cleaning it up with the stupid Resolve spray bottle that NEVER works. Seriously I've bought 3 bottles that refuse to actually spray. You have to try to spray it for like 5 minutes before it stops foaming and actually SPRAYS out. Resolve - I HATE YOU!This led to a temper tantrum which brought me to me last and final option....

Pretending the World Does Not Exist

This one is a tricky one. If I get too worked up, too frustrated, I find it's best to take a nap and let it all melt away. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to increased frustrations if it's too hot, I can't sleep, or I can't stop thinking about problems. Pretending the world doesn't exist doesn't really make things go away. It's still there. People still want answers, things still have to be dealt with and the funk doesn't magically disappear. I still have to do something about it.

In fact, I still have to explain why there is a broken Resolve spray bottle laying in the middle of the living room floor next to a puddle of pee.


  1. Laura, I feel for you...don't be too hard on yourself!

  2. I feel exactly the same way on some days!
    Stay positive girl! :)

  3. I still vote for the hormones. When they get out of whack nothing is right.

    I hope that you feel better soon!

  4. I try to clean when I'm in a funk if by "clean" you mean "think about cleaning."

    Tried Swiss chocolate? That always makes my world a lot better.

  5. Oh yuck, that is the worst kind of funk when even the tried and true options don't help. Hang in there!

  6. I have been there. You could probably follow me there by the trail of Hershey Kisses wrappers that I leave behind.

    It sounds like you might be bored and in need of social contact. May I suggest volunteering somewhere?

    That's what I did. I help at my churches youth group. I help prep the food and set up for events. It's not stressful and I can say no if I can't do it.

    And the best part is that I have made some friends along the way.

    Good Luck.

    Peace - Rene

  7. I just went through that sister!! I tried everything you did but and nothing really worked. Just time...time was what I needed to work myself out of it. You'll get there. In the meantime keep doing the things that make you happy and also...head to PetCo and pick up a bottle of Nature's Miracle. Your carpet will love you.

  8. As you can see from the frequency of blogs I've posted for the past several month, I'm definitely in a bad funk, too. It's really really hard to get out of it - there are many times, I thought I'm coming out of it, but I'm really not.. It sucks.

    But I guess, some thing will happen that can change my blue minds or yours - let's hope it will happen soon!! Chin up, Laura! xoxo

  9. Yes, I always have buyers remorse. Shopping seems to help at the time but the high is very short-lived. Yet I try and try again. Haha!

    Sounds like an interesting story behind the Resolve / pee incident ;)


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