Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have I Stressed You Out Yet?

I'd say I am experiencing a bloggers block, but that wouldn't be true and if you know me then you know that I'm incapable of lying. I have a lot of things worth talking/blogging about. The problem is that my thoughts are all jumbled up. My email keeps putting those annoying little lines under all of my sentences signaling that I have in fact not even made a sentence at all. I keep putting in words that don't make sense or that are really in the next thought that I'm having. You'll probably be lucky to be able to understand what I am even writing right now. I have so much going on right now that I can't even think straight.

The sad thing is that the pressure I'm under is my own fault. I made the To Do List with the strict schedule and unfortunately I didn't plan for life popping up as it always does. (Oh yeah, and I didn't die of heat stroke by the way. The AC is thankfully fixed. Thanks for worrying. You were worried, right?) I also forgot that my husband isn't a robot and can't just jump and do things when I want him to. Also I forgot that things don't always go smoothly. Oops. I guess I was living in dream world.

All of this is beginning to make me feel antsy and anxious. Then I immediately feel ridiculous because I really don't know what the big deal is. I think I just enjoy having stuff to do and being under pressure for whatever reason. There's no reason to be in such a rush. Apparently I'm just in the mood to get crap done. To make plans and to stress. (See - I'm pretty sure that's not a sentence) Argh. I hate myself right now. I can be a pain in the ass. I'm sure my husband agrees.

I need to just focus on this.....11 days till Jamaica.

Hmm that should be followed with a sigh. BUT NO! It makes me more stressed because I only have 11 days to finish up my monster to do list. Forgive me - I'm crazy.


  1. They sell some GREAT stuff in Jamaica that will cure your stress. I promise ;)

  2. have you read Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now? i'm reading it right now and it's awesome! it might help.

  3. To Do lists suck! Get your game face on and do your thing. Then party in Jamaica lady!


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