Friday, June 12, 2009

My Engagement Story

Since our one year anniversary is coming up (in just two days people!) I figured I would share our engagement story.

By now you all know that I love plans and since I desperately try to plan my life out to a T, I knew that I would be getting engaged sometime during the year of 2007. We had already gone to look at rings. I’m not one for surprises, especially when it comes to something I’ll be wearing everyday for the rest of my life!

Thankfully we did look because I ended up hating what I thought I would love. Anyways….the idea was that I would pick a couple out that I liked and let him make the final decision. Well after some very intriguing experiences with certain jewelers I decided to go local and pick from one place that we found the most helpful. I fell in love with one ring and only one ring. It was exactly what I wanted.

One weekend Michael suggested that we drive up to Gatlinburg to look at some more rings just to make sure. I pitched a fit saying that I had already found a ring and was tired of looking. He convinced me that it wouldn’t take too long and we could go to the outlets after so I said alright. (Outlet malls get me every time!)

The next morning I woke up to see a vase of Lily’s on my bedside table with a note which read “Celebrating 3 Years – List of Events”. This envelope contained the first event which was to call a phone number. It happened to be my favorite salon and they let me know I had an appointment for a massage (my first) and a manicure. I knew when I woke up to such a surprise that this day was going to be THE day! I cried and did a little happy dance and jumped in the shower to get ready.

I got to the salon and the poor masseuse kept trying to tell me to relax. Unfortunately I couldn’t, I was just too damn excited. All I could do was just squeal that today was the day I was getting engaged!

After getting pampered the lady at the front desk said everything had already been taken care of and handed me another envelope which contained a Panera gift card and instructions on where to find my next envelope. So I grabbed some lunch and immediately went to find my next set of instructions.

The next envelope had a note that said “Get dressed for a nice dinner and meet me at World’s Fair Park at 7PM sharp!” Obviously I needed a new dress for such an occasion. I figured I could allot one hour to find something and make my way back to get ready in time. I rushed to the mall where I found shoes I loved as soon as I walked in the door as well as the first dress I tried on! This never ever happens! It was certainly a good day.

On my way to the park, I got a text message saying my next note would be by the Sun Sphere in a construction cone (apparently there was a problem with his first plan of giving it to the security guard). When I got to the park, I saw other people reading my note. I waited my turn and read “Say Yes!”.

(Sunsphere in background)

I went up the elevator of the newly renovated Sun Sphere to meet Michael and the 15+ other people who had also read the note. He got on one knee and told me lots of sweet things. I said yes way too early and then about a billion other times. Everyone applauded and one lady even took pictures for us!


  1. soooooooo adorable!! i love that he had so carefully planned out the day. :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love it! It must be nice to be married to someone who was so thoughtful in planning that all out!


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