Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Jello House Post

What's a Jello House you ask? I have no idea. It's just my tricky way of getting you to read my totally random post about both a house and jello. I'm sure some of you are clicking that red x right about now....but wait...

I have great news! After the previous whiny post about how terrible the house search was going......we had success! After house searching the very next day, we decided to make an offer and it was accepted. The other great news is that they are wanting to move pretty fast as well so hopefully this will all work out wonderfully. Now we just have to get through all the other hoops (inspection, appraisal, loan approval) and then we will be good as gold!

And without further is a picture of our soon to be new home.
And now for the jello portion of this post...
Since I'm a total slacker and have not blogged at all this week I am combining two posts into one. In fact, I'm a total slacker at life right now to tell you the truth. I haven't been feeling like cooking one bit. Totally uninspired. So today for What's to Eat? Wednesday I'm going to be featuring a no cook treat! Jello Mousse.

I can only vouch for the caramel but let me tell you it's 60 calories of pure yumminess! You should definitely check it out. It's light and satisfies your sweet tooth without the guilt. Perfect for someone like me that always needs (or should I say wants) dessert. Let me know what you think!


  1. The house is so cute! Best of luck for a smooth buying process :)

  2. What a cute house! You are so lucky to have sold your house and have a smooth transition into a new home! Congrats!

  3. The house is beautiful!!

    Love the Jello Mousse...I have only tried the Chocolate. Mmmmmm.

  4. love your house!! congrats!

  5. The house is goooorgeous!! Good luck!

  6. Congratulations on the house!! How lovely!

  7. What a beautiful house! Will we get to see inside?

    Thanks for the tip on the Mousse, I will venture out to the grocery and search for it.

    Hope your move goes smoothly...


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