Friday, June 11, 2010

A Place to Lay His Head

Finally! Our little boy will have a place to sleep at night. Although the room is still pink, we did finally make a decision on a crib.

And yes, I did find bedding as well, but I'm not quite ready to share that just yet (hence the reason this pic is in black and white). I am oh so sneaky! We finally decided to purchase our crib and other things at JC Penney's. Excitingly enough we also got free shipping which was a huge plus and it came with a free crib mattress. Perfect!

The only cribs that I have really liked have been the sleigh crib style. Unfortunately they also tend to show all the hardware. Fortunately this one had a lot less showing than most. We also struggled with the color. I wanted an espresso or cherry one initially, but after finding that wonderful white dresser at the flea market, we decided to go with white.

Hopefully we will be able to add in enough blue to make it a little more boyish, although I have to admit that the whole boy/childish decorating is not something I have mastered quite yet. I do think that the nursery needs to be more to the parent's liking though at this point considering we will have to be in there so much in the beginning. There will be some fun elements for sure though to keep him interested and entertained. Once he forms his own little opinions we will definitely decorate more to his taste!

The only complaint about the crib I do have is that it had a couple of chips (nothing major) but I think we can cover that up with some paint. Also it had a ridiculous amount of stickers on it. I spent lots of time trying to pick them off and I still need to attack them with goo-gone.

I'm still waiting for a couple of things to come in that I have ordered, I've picked out paint, and have a few projects that I need to tackle. I am putting the nursery purchases back on hold though for a little while, because this month is unfortunately shaping up to be a budget busting month. Between car problems, nursery purchases, and a vacation coming up...our wallets could use a rest.

Oh me, the costs of getting ready for kids! Yikes. The start up cost is not fun!


  1. Kiddos are expensive!!! My SIL and I were talking last week about all of the stuff they need--holy geeze. I clearly need to start saving, ha!

    I love the crib, I think it is going to look great, and I can't wait to see the bedding!


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