Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Official....I'm Going to Go Crazy!

I've cleaned the house a million times.....still I'm unsatisfied, it needs a full on spring cleaning sessions, but really....impossible with my current size.

Several dinners are ready to go in the freezer, but the fridge and pantry are empty. I should probably go to the store, but really - what's the point...everything might be spoiled or well on it's way by the time we get back.

All the laundry has been completed - minus some folding....I hate folding.

I've caught up on all my shows and the DVR has been cleared out to make room for all the ones I'm going to continue to miss with our upcoming arrival.

I really think my son might be as directionally challenged as I am because it seems like he wants to escape out my belly button or possibly even the right side of my body. (Head down boy! And get small!)

I've had 10 billion phone calls today. Seriously people - he's not going to come on his own. You and I both are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

It's freaking cold outside and my maternity wear is strictly summer and my husband thinks it's cute to remind me to zip up my normal sized jacket.

Is it too early to pack up all the maternity clothes??? Yeah I thought so.

I've never been so nervous/excited in my life although I have to admit that I'm mostly nervous.

What does one eat before being induced...or do you eat???

I really need to figure out how to work the camcorder (do people still call it that???)

Finally I'm really hoping this is the last post with no baby and no pictures.


  1. Aww...thinking and praying for you! I can only imagine what you're going through with so many emotions! (I've never been pregnant!) :( Blessings are with you!

  2. will be thinking about you tomorrow!!

  3. Hope all went well today... I was to be induced on Oct 4 and the doc postponed it until Oct hopes he would push out on his's hoping he does...


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