Friday, October 1, 2010

We Have A Plan!

Today I was a huge ball of nerves/excitement since at our last appointment there was talk of a possible induction today. Baby boy passed all his ultrasound tests though and has yet to be evicted. He is a whopping 8lbs and 7ozs at this point (give or take a pound they said - hopefully we are on the lesser side for my sake) and still moving around with plenty of fluid and doing his breathing exercises. All good things.

As for me, I am now 80% - 90% effaced and about 1cm dilated. We are still struggling with the "firm" cervix issue. We are hoping that baby boy will be moving down the chute sometime soon to soften that up. If not we might still be looking at a c-section due to an extra large head. He better have lots of smarts in that huge head and get some college scholarships to make up for that one (just kidding - kind of).

So now we are waiting for him to possibly make an appearance on his own. If not we are going to be induced on Tuesday. I feel much better. I'm somewhat making progress and we are getting to give him time to do his own thing.

Now I just need to find things to do to get my mind off all this! I think I'm going a little crazy!


  1. i never could start contractions with my babies. what worked excellently for me was using the breast pump on both breasts. it took about a half hour and labor really came on.

    good luck!!!

  2. Been following along since I returned to blogging, but I couldn't keep me trap shut any longer. I wish you nothing but the best and am thinking good thoughts for a safe and happy delivery!

  3. Oh my goodness.. how exciting!!! I remember those days like they were yesterday and yet, it seems like forever ago. SO EXCITED FOR YOU. I'm sure it will be any moment. :)


  4. thank you for keeping us posted!


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