Friday, June 8, 2012

Time to Hop on the Crazy Train!

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been anxiously awaiting for all of the upcoming craziness to begin. 

What craziness you ask? 

Lots of moving and vacation of course! 

The next 3 weeks will probably be spotty around here as we will be...well...all over the place! 

Today I've been busy getting us packed up to leave our furnished rental house. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am to leave this place. There's something about not being in your own home that makes you feel like you don't have a purpose as a housewife. It's got nothing to do with the fact that its a rental and more to do with the fact that we couldn't really make it our own home. It's not our stuff, we weren't suppose to be here long, we couldn't do anything to make it feel like ours. I don't know if you've noticed but I'm a very domestic person and this experience was enough to make me crazy. But it's over. As of Sunday, E and I will be out of here while Michael stays behind to work another week.

Next week, I'll be busy furniture shopping with my mom. By the way, I'm using the term "shopping" very loosely. It's more like scouting things out than buying. I hope to buy things all at once and have a pretty good game plan of exactly how I want things to look this go around. More to come on that later. 

We will also be moving all of our stuff out of our old home next week. Thankfully Michael's company hires someone to actually come pack and move everything for us so I will mostly be just watching things happen and trying to stay out of the way. I do have to admit that it makes my type-A self a little bit of a nervous wreck to not be in control of how everything is being packed and grouped together, but who can really complain about not actually having to do the packing themselves?!?

After that we will be off for a week at the beach, which is perfect timing considering we will officially be homeless. I guess we truly will be beach bums. Once we get back from vaycay, we will be heading right back to east TN to close and move into our new home!!! 


I think that deserves a few more exclamation marks.


That should do. I wouldn't want to get too carried away.

So there you go. That about sums up what life is throwing my way in June and I couldn't be more happy or excited. Oh, did I mention I will be officially in the second trimester by the end of this month. THANK GOODNESS!!! God is good isn't He?


  1. God certainly is good! I'd say thats a pretty good crazy train to be on!!! Also I'm filling up your inbox with comments as I catch up on blogs :) have a fabulous weekend!

  2. People to pack for you?? Now that's my kind of moving!!

    Enjoy the next few crazy weeks!! Can't wait to see your new home!

  3. Cray cray month, woman!

    I'm not sure how I'd feel about the movers ... I mean, I'd love not doing the work, but I have purged SO much in the process of packing that I am not sure I'd like someone else doing it for me.

  4. Moving can be so stressful. I know I hate it. But you get to reward yourself with a vacation, and that's pretty much awesome! I hope everything goes well and smoothly this month :-)


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