Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Grace in 2014

I honestly think 2014 is the first year in many, many years that I truly do not know what is going to happen. We have a few travel plans we hope to follow through with, but other than that the calendar and life planning are generally clear. I am looking forward to the surprises that life will bring this coming year (hopefully good ones!). But good or not so good, I'm leaving it to God to show the way. 

Every year I come up with a little paragraph about my hopes and goals for the next year, nothing too specific, just a general theme. I find it's invigorating and nice to start the new year with a little inward focus. I just love the thought of a fresh start and a renewed focus on bettering myself and life around me. 

Quite frankly, my goals have been somewhat similar the last few years: slow down, enjoy the moments, be a more joyful giver and financially fit. And this coming year, is not really any different. I still want to focus on those very same things. With every new little life change…a new baby here, a new move there…new challenges always seem to arise. There is definitely still room for improvement.

This year though, I'd like to add a new focus to the list. Something that God has laid on my heart and that is to have more grace. More grace for myself; more grace for others. If I may confess, this is not a strong suit I have. It is a place where I fail time and time again. I have very little patience for things not going as planned whether it is my own fault or someone else's. It causes undue stress for myself and everyone else and it's time I practice giving myself and those around me more grace.

Happy new year friends! 

**To fill my goal of slowing down and soaking in the little moments life brings, I've decided to do project 365 through Instagram. You can follow me @mythoughtsuninterrupted.**


  1. Yes! I really want to practice more patience and grace with everyone around me, especially my husband and kids. God gives us new mercies every morning and so we should strive to do the same! Happy new year!

  2. We have very similar goals!! I want to slow down and treasure the moment more, pay off my debt once and for all, and more grace would definitely be good.


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