Monday, August 29, 2011

Car Organization

Last week my husband and I finally bit the bullet and made a car upgrade. It was time seeing as how I drove a small 4 door and he was still driving his very first car which was a 2-door that was impossible to get a baby seat in comfortably, not to mention that the AC seldom worked. It was time. Beyond time. Now I am driving a very grown up feeling SUV and he has a very economical 4 door with plenty of AC! Yay.

After I drug out all the stuff the I had stashed in my car over the past 6 years, I decided it was time for some organization with the new one. No more messy glove compartment where I had kept almost every single proof of insurance and no more messy console where I could never find Tylenol when I really needed it.

After a little Pinterest inspiration I ended up with the perfect solutions...

A clip board to hold the current proof of insurance and registration.

I also included a checklist to remind me what to do in case of an accident.

Compiled from here and here. Email me for a PDF copy.

I bought a pencil box at Wal-Mart for a dime to hold random items like bandaids, a flashlight, hair ties, bobby pins, lotion and Tylenol. 

My console houses a wallet with cash for emergencies, a larger bottle of lotion, Bath and Body Works Spray, and hand sanitizer.

Things could get seriously lost in this deep hole!

I'm still trying to come up with an idea for trunk organization. I need something to contain my reusable grocery bags, shopping cart cover and emergency baby supplies like wipes, diapers and paper towels. 

How do you keep your car organized?


  1. Awesome organization! I should try that! As for my doesn't exist when it comes to my car. I'm lucky if I can get E to put all her toys back in the shoebox I keep in the car for them.

  2. Congrats on getting a new car! You'll have to call me and tell me all about it :)

  3. yay about the new car!
    we upgraded a month or two ago as well and it's been heavenly!!

    i got two big canvas-covered bins from bed bath and beyond for my trunk. they're black so they go with the interior of the car and they sit in the back of the trunk, against the seat backs.
    and there's still plenty of room to put stuff in the trunk.

    i got two even though one would probably have worked fine... it's great that neither one is very full so i can add small grocery bags that might roll around to one or both... or i can consolidate the contents and stack them if i need more space...

    and then my grocery bags, baby carrier, extra diapers etc are always accessible in their bins!

    i *love* organizing, too!!


  4. Ok now I'm all inspired to do something productive with nap time! :)

    There is a cute disposable bag dispenser craft floating around on pinterest (I think I have it pinned) that houses old grocery bags to reuse for whatever road needs you might have)

  5. You are on an organizing roll! Can you come to my place?? The one thing I'd add is a trash bag of some sort. Even a plastic shopping bag. Seems like I'm always looking for a place to throw things away.

  6. Oh my goodness this is perfect and I totally need to do this for my car. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. We just got our new car too! Good for you guys and I love organizing new cars. How long it will stay that way? Probably not long, knowing my family, but it love it right now. :)


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