Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crafter Vs. Planner

I've discovered lately that when I'm in the mood to do something...I better do it. I use to fight myself and try to "plan" my craftiness out on a calendar in the proper order it should go. The artistic side of me (if we can call it that) doesn't like to be scheduled though.

If I'm in the mood to paint the front door today. I need to do it. If my hands feel like crafting a million little pennant banners today...then today is the day. If I put it off, who knows when that mood may come back around. If I schedule it then I may loath every minute of it.

I've found it's best not to fight my urges when it comes to these types of things. I'm just giving in. And you know what? I'm happier for it. 

The housework might suffer, the blog may be spotty, showers may be missed. But the's getting done today! I'm sure I'll be back to my "planner" self tomorrow. Today, I'm crafty!


  1. Post pictures of what you craft! That's how I am too with things - if I'm in the mood I'd better do it. Whether it's baking, running errands, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Plus I think it makes my week a little more interesting to not have every little thing planned out!

  2. Are you reading my mind?! Haha, I'm like that too. The minute I throw something into a schedule, the fun is instantly sucked out of it. Have fun with whichever project strikes you today!

  3. That's how I've been feeling lately too. I miss crafting and I just need to dive in. Be sure to take plenty of pics so we can see!


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