Monday, August 1, 2011

My Style Monday

I normally don't do the style posts because of a couple reasons. One, I hardly ever wear anything worth reporting since I stay at home. Two, I tend to hang on to clothes for a long time so might not be able to go out and get it since it's been a few years. a little different.

Here is what we wore yesterday for Ethan's dedication

My Dress: eShakti

I recently found this website through pinterest and am in love. They have tons of beautiful dresses and the best part is that they can do custom sizes! How awesome is that? This particular dress is the Bow Tied Tiered Dress in Orient Blue. I did the custom sizing and everything came out wonderfully (minus the arm holes being a tad snug...that might be a measuring problem on my part though). They only charge $7.50 to do custom sizing and if it doesn't fit correctly you can send it back for a full refund or get a gift card plus 20% back to try them again. I'll more than likely be ordering from the again here in the near future.

Ethan's Shortall: eBay

This was actually the very first eBay purchase for me. I found this particular seller through AP from ILMTC. Thank goodness too! The shop is call Thirteen-Stitches and she makes a variety of shortalls for little boys and monograms them as well. I only paid $15 for this little outfit and I couldn't be more happy!

My Style Monday
***Update: Head over to my FB fan page to get a coupon code for eShakti!**


  1. I LOVE your dress. LOVE it!!! Off to check out that site!

  2. Saw this on instagram and loved it there! Very cute!

  3. Y'all look gorgeous!!!! I love LOVE your dress! And his little outfit is ADORABLE!!

    Thanks for linking up. I'm checking out this website!

  4. Ahhh!! Congratulations, E on your Dedication! So special :) And the john-john looks just awesome! I'm so glad you used Thirteen Stitches and I just love how it turned out! I know I'll be using her in the future with the holidays coming up!! Thanks for linking to me! And you? Look FABULOUS!! I love that color on you!!

  5. Between you and AP I may just have to buy Jamie a Jon-Jon. So cute!!

    And your dress is fabulous! I LOVE the color!!

  6. I LOVE your dress! You and that family of yours are beyond gorgeous! And Ethan is totally rocking his outfits! Such a lit stud muffin that boy is

  7. Daaannnng! YOu look GREAT in that dress! And your hair is really cute too! Way to go momma!


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