Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ethan's 10 Months Old!


It is quickly becoming apparent that you will be leaving behind your baby days very soon. Just last weekend at church I saw a newborn and thought how it was impossible that you were once that size. Wasn't that just yesterday? I think I am going to cry buckets full of tears when the day comes that you lose your little round baby faced cheeks. 

You are definitely a growing boy. You LOVE to eat! These days you eat pretty much whatever mommy and daddy are eating and thank GOD you are not a picky eater (those aren't allowed at my table!). I'm not kidding when I say that you pretty much eat half the amount that I do. It blows my mind really. 

We are slowly beginning to transition to sippy cups although we have had a hard time finding one that you and I both approve. You are extremely mobile these day. You crawl around at the speed of light, walk along furniture, look under furniture and rugs, and try your best to sneak up the stairs when I'm not looking. You have just started doing a crazy straight leg crawl. I believe this is your attempt to start standing without the help of a piece of furniture. Time will tell. 

Your favorite thing to do is play patty cake. You stop whatever you are doing when fun music comes on TV and clap your hands and wiggle your little body. You love to point at EVERYTHING and can now point to Lola when we ask where she is. You are beginning to learn what the fan is too (your second favorite object). 

You can say Lola (woahwa), Mama, Papa, Dada and Hi. Your first sentence was "Hi Lola". She is obviously your favorite family member and you ask for her immediately when you wake up in the mornings. You still can't point out mama and dada yet, but we are working on it. 

You impressed me the other day by pointing to the baby signs I have taped behind your high chair. I've been meaning to teach you these for a couple of months now, but you just never seemed interested. Now that you've spotted my little drawings you point and ask me what they mean. I show you and you respond by either eating or drinking accordingly. We still have a long way to go. Maybe I will get you a baby signing dvd since you seem to respond more to something visual. 

You've also impressed me by being able to entertain yourself. If I have you in the baby pen you will quietly and happily play up to an hour. I love it! You learn so many things while playing by yourself. I've spotted you learning to roll your cars, throw a ball, and remove the rings from your stacker. You are such a smart little boy! 

You are currently weighing in at 20.5 pounds and measuring 28 inches long (by my calculations). You can still wear some 9 month clothing and fit well into 12 month clothing. Shoe wise you are wearing a size 3 wide. You have some very pudgy feet!

This past month has really shown me what kind of kid you are starting to be! I can't wait to see what this month has in store. Happy 10 months baby boy!!!

**All photos are from our 9 month photo session with Jenna Henderson from JHenderson Studios**


  1. SO CUTE! You have such a beautiful family!

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  3. Happy 10 months to Ethan! My little guy is 23 months today! I am freaking out!

  4. 10 months! Aww! :) I love that he loves Lola so much...whoawa...too cute! :)

  5. Ok the suspenders? And hat? TOO MUCH. I died. love

  6. Happy 10 months little guy. Too cute. It makes me sad how fast they grow.

  7. I love the tie and suspenders! Too cute!!

  8. Happy 10 months, Ethan!!! I LOVE all of the pictures...they are SO adorable!!! I love reading the monthly updates of everything Ethan is doing:)

  9. Oh that first pic is just too adorable! Happy 10 Months Ethan! They are getting too big way too quick. I think the same thing when I see a newborn...gosh where did ours go?


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