Monday, November 12, 2012

32 Days

We are officially 32 days away from Jackson's arrival. I'm fairly sure by this point I had every single thing I needed for Ethan's arrival last time. Room done. Necessities purchased. Basically I was twiddling my thumbs.

This go around?

Room isn't done. Things are ordered, but nothing is here. Hell, there is still a kid in the room. Try as we might to get him switched to his big boy room, Ethan is just not fully there yet. Nap times would be non-existent and mama needs those nap times! 

I could not go to sleep last night just thinking about what all I might possibly be overlooking and turns out it's a lot. Well, I say that, but in all honesty I have the necessities just not all the little extra touches. As of early this morning I put in an order for more burp cloths as I realized all my old ones had E's name monogrammed on them. I also begged a lady from Europe to rush knit baby Jackson some cute booties to come home in. As much as I'm against trying to keep shoes on babies, I've realized that I'm going to have to succumb to that debacle with this December baby.

I have yet to drag out any of our old baby stuff so I have no idea what we have clothing wise. I did finally make a few new clothing purchases for Jackson over the weekend though. Kid needs some new things of his own right?

My lack of preparedness isn't the only difference this time around though. I think overall I've been waaaaay more laid back about this pregnancy. After all the fight of trying to get to this state, I think I decided to take a backseat and just go with the flow. I haven't read a single baby center email. I barely even remember what week I am when asked. In fact, there have been several times when I've forgotten I'm pregnant all together. 

For whatever reason, this pregnancy has been so much easier on my body. I feel I'm in better shape. I weigh less...I'm gaining the same amount, but overall...I still weigh less. It probably helps that I"m not having a nightly ice cream sundae every night like I did with E. Whoops. My rings are still on so swelling has been less than last time around. Tiredness isn't as prevalent. My boobs are at least twice as large as last complaints there! And instead of the baby being on my chest like Ethan was, Jackson has decided to hang out soooo much lower. Although I am enjoying breathing this time around, I do have to say that a low baby has some disadvantages of its own.

I think I've been so caught up in everything else going on around here that I just haven't had time to freak out about the fact that I'm about to have 2 kids. TWO! How we are going to keep everything together is a mystery to me. I think my motto this year has just been to tackle things as they come and this will be no different. 

In 32 days....we will be parents of two. I keep repeating that little tid bit to myself, but I'm not quite sure I believe it just yet. 


  1. I was dreading the switch to a big boy bed. Connor has always been a good sleeper and I didn't want that to change. The first evening was rough, but after that, it was as if nothing changed. He even switched to a new bedroom, too. Try it out. You will be shocked at how well he does! Good luck!

  2. Big boy bed transition was not too terrible. We did go through a period of getting out of bed and putting a baby gate at the door was horrific for us (he acted like we were locking him in there for life with his crazy screaming!). However, he loves his new room, is fine in his bed now, and only gets out of bed on rare occasions as all children do.

    You are going to be a great mom of two!! It's definitely an adjustment, but it is SO sweet to see the boys together that it's totally worth it. The hardest part of it all is the lack of sleep in the beginning. You'll get through it as we all do but it sucks for awhile!!

    Baby socks and booties stink. My suggestion is to buy lots of footed outfits and put socks on under those. Peter can't keep a sock on to save his life. I hate them!!!

  3. I cannot believe he will be here so soon!

  4. I feel the exact same way! I have about 27 day (but who is counting) and I feel much more "relaxed" about baby boy #2. I have the crib ready and that is about it... We just did the big boy transition for our 2 1/2 year old and it went pretty well!


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