Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Happened to the Calm Before the Storm?

You know the old saying..."The calm before the storm"? 


Well, it's lying.

I'm pretty sure that having a baby is considered a "storm" in some ways. And by storm I mean the sweet, cute bundle of non-sleeping constant diaper changing type of storm. At exactly one month until D-Day you would think I would be entering the calm phase right?

Well, it looks like life has other plans for me.

Kid #1 has decided to no longer sleep past 5ish AM. You know what happens when your kid wakes up every morning at 5AM? You begin to look like a zombie. Black eyes, swollen face, you lose your ankles and have a huge growth in your mid section...oh wait...that's really all to blame on 3rd trimester pregnancy. You might also get told by your two year old son that you have "shoo-shoo hair" because you never get to shower.

He's also decided that napping in the big boy bed is for the birds. So, he's still in Jackson's room which crazily enough besides paint still looks like Ethan's old room. I refuse to put new bedding on that crib until E is officially out and I'm beginning to wonder if I will even have a finished nursery by the time Jackson arrives. 

We also have a billion projects going on in the house that are all half finished. The house is constantly a disaster zone and every time I think I can check something off my to-do list at least 3 new things get added. 

Sometimes I wonder how in the hell we will be able to make it with two. I mean...who thought this was a good idea...(**cough, cough** all elbows pointing at this gal). I'm beginning to wonder how I will ever have hope of getting life under control with new baby if I can't even get it under control pre-baby. 

I know we will make it.

I know things will be fine.

Yes, this post is a whine-fest.

Did I mention the lack of sleep??? 


  1. I've been told after you have kids you don't get sleep until they leave for college...then you still don't sleep b/c you worry about them. You've got this! I pray that Ethan will soon sleep past 5am!

  2. Sorry things are rough. 5am sounds painful! Here's to hoping you can rock out this last month, eh?

    In other is it ONLY a month away? Wow.

  3. I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. But they will get better. Can Jackson sleep in y'alls room or something for a while in case E still hasn't moved? Just a thought... Hope that little man starts sleeping for you!

  4. Exhaustion is miserable! I'm so sorry!!!


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