Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Postpartum Essentials: Tips for the postpartum body

First, I will preface this with the obvious...I am no fashion blogger. I am just your everyday new mama that struggles with a frumpy postpartum body. I had no clue what to do with myself when I had Ethan and frankly I was a little depressed with what I had to try and work around. 

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to be realistic. You are going to walk out of that hospital looking at least 6 months pregnant. If you aren't then yay! Good for you, what a fabulous surprise. I hate you. Just kidding. Just don't set yourself up for disappointment from the get go. Your body will be swollen and saggy and not what you are use to. Face the facts and then you can prepare to deal with them.

Here are a few things you will need to survive the first 3 months...

1. Bio-Oil - I have loved my results from using this. My stretch marks are already gone and now I am using it on my c-section scar. The only other product I've used is Palmers, but I found Bio-Oil to be much more effective.

2. Get the right undergarments. I love a good comfy nursing bra you can sleep in....and live in. Although I should, I rarely wear a real bra at this point because these are just easier and more comfortable. I also highly recommend a good shape-wear panty after you hit the 6-week mark. I bought one from Target that I love for only $16. I believe it's Hanes brand. Goes up to my rib cage, doesn't roll down and I can wear it all day without feeling like I'm about to suffocate to death. It smooths out everything, hides some overhang (oh how I loathe the overhang) and stops the jiggling. 

3. Don't be ashamed to wear your maternity stuff. Maternity wear is meant to flatter a pregnant midsection. Guess still have a pregnant looking midsection! I wore my maternity jeans until they basically started falling off. They were more comfortable than regular jeans that would have cut into me at that point. The panel basically acted like shape wear. It was fine. No one knew. It wasn't a big deal. 

Guess what...3 months into this whole postpartum gig...I still wear some maternity tops. GASP! I know...the horror! I bought some great tops from the Gap that you wouldn't even know were maternity wear. They don't have the side ruching (although I do still wear some that do), they are long enough to hide some things I still want hidden and they fit just right in the chest and arm areas. I have bought some regular tops to incorporate too, but I'm still wearing a size larger than normal and sometimes that makes me look just plain sloppy. I need the bigger size in the mid section but the rest of my torso is back to pretty much normal. Maternity tops are a perfect solution. If the idea of wearing the same shirt you have been wearing for the past 9 months depresses some new ones. 

4. Buy accessories that take the focus away from the belly. Scarves are perfect for this. They hide that pooch very easily. I also love wearing long, open front cardigans. They help give me some shape when I'm wearing that slouchy looking oversized non maternity top. They also help with that side view "is she or isn't she pregnant" situation. 

5. For the first few month, focus on the stuff you can easily change. You can keep your nails painted, whiten your teeth, buy new make-up...the weight is going to take time and work to get off, but all of these things make you feel instantly better about yourself. 

I know none of this information is particularly mind blowing but it is information I wish I had know pre-Ethan so I thought I'd share. There is nothing weirder than instantaneously having to deal with a new body shape. Good luck and if you have any tips and secrets please share!

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  1. Absolutely great advice! I wish I would have known about shapewear BEFORE I had to worry about it! Next time!

  2. Hi Laura! I just had my third baby three weeks ago, so I relate well to this post, especially your refreshing openness about the postpartum figure! :)


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