Sunday, March 3, 2013

And just Like that, Life is Good

Tonight my nearly 2.5 year old wild child toddler was a sweet little angel. He cuddled in next to me on the couch for a whole two minutes to watch TV with me before he hopped up, kissed my arm, hugged my leg, said "I wuv ew!" and explained that he was "off to work". 

Michael was upstairs taking care of our sweet and newly sick again baby while Ethan was buzzing around the living room with a big (and very crinkly) brown bag hooked up to his Mater tow truck hauling his freshly acquired accordion "to work". Normally he is not very content with just hanging out with me if Daddy is anywhere in our premise. He gets enough of me during the week it seems, but tonight I could tell he was especially happy to be spending time just the two of us. 

Things have been falling back into a new normal around here and it's getting quite comfortable. Of course we are still battling illnesses and all the disruption that comes with that, but as a parent I've come to realize that there will always be some sort of disruption around here no matter what. It is now part of our normal. 

I guess what I'm really saying is that things are finally getting settled. 

We've slowed down.

We are content. 

Most importantly Ethan is content.

These toddler days are tough. Throw in a lot of changes and a busy lifestyle and they are even tougher. I think I can finally say though that we've hit a breaking point. 

We have a system in place now. There are rules. There is cooperation. There are still meltdowns and bad days but they are fewer and farer between.

As it neared bedtime, Ethan and I made our way upstairs to find Michael and Jackson in the hardly ever used nursery quietly rocking. I whispered to Ethan to be quiet because the baby was sleeping and he whispered back that he wanted Daddy to read him a book as he crawled into the other half of Michael's lap. I fetched a truck book (it had to be a truck book) and stood in the doorway as I watched my three boys rocking away.

I thought about how perfect things were in that moment. 

I thought about how many of these exact moments were to come.

I thought about all the love that was in that room.

And I realized, life is good. So very good.


  1. It is so good - so very very good! Love those moments!

  2. So blessed. Such a wonderful life!

  3. These moments make everything okay!! Thank you for sharing.


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