Monday, July 1, 2013

Jackson's 6 Months Old!

I can't believe the half way mark is here already. I know now, that you will be starting the quick slide out of babyhood. I will blink and it will be your first birthday. Time goes entirely too quickly. Last night, as if you felt my sadness, you fell asleep on my chest. Something you haven't done in months. I just sat there rocking you, soaking all of your littleness in. It was heaven.

This month you have done quite a bit of growing. You are now weighing 15lbs 14oz (16th percentile) and measuring 27 inches (59%). You grew 4 inches this month alone! Take that growth percentile chart! You are serious about your food son. You eat about 12oz of baby food at meal time and aren't picky in the least bit. Your bottom two teeth have just recently broken through and you are dying to eat real people food. You look at me like "Hey mom, I'm ready! Let's do this.".... in time bug, in time.

We are still nursing although not quite as much. We usually get in little sessions right after meal time although I think it is more for comfort than nourishment at this point. We do formula before bedtime or for snacks. You drink between 4-6oz which is a lot less than your brother ever did. I'm pretty sure you are making up the calories at mealtimes though. 

You have been sitting up like a champ this month with the straightest little back. I envy your posture. You aren't on the move just yet, but we are sooooo close. You get up on all fours and rock back and forth. You do baby planks all the time...strength training I guess. And, when you can't figure out how to get going, you propel yourself head forward into whatever direction you are wanting to go. Hey, determination is not a quality you lack! I like it.  I have to admit that I'm terrified to have a second one on the move. Shew. It is going to happen any day now. 

Sleep has been going pretty good. You take one long morning nap and a short afternoon nap without really any fuss. I'm pondering dropping your paci....I really think you wouldn't mind. As for nighttime you go down around 7 or 8 and wake up between 11 and 1. Sometimes you might wake up between 4 and 5:30 but lately you have been sleeping until 6-ish which is awesome. 

You are such a chill little guy. You happily entertain yourself for most of the day catching my eye from time to time and giving me the biggest smile. You love to laugh and grin. It is my favorite quality of yours. I have taken to calling you Jack instead of Jackson (something I didn't think I would do), time tell what ends up sticking though. You have many nicknames: Jack-o-potomus, Jack-a-roo, Jungle J, Baby Jack, Jack-Jack, Jack-attack and Baby J. You are certainly well loved and cuddled. We love you little guy!


  1. SO darling!!!! Time flies, huh?

  2. Absolutely adorable!! He eats 12 oz in one sitting? Wow! I thought my Ethan ate a ton at 4 oz!

  3. I can not believe it has been 6 months!! He is precious

  4. What a cutie!!!! Happy 6 months, Jackson!!!

  5. I can't believe he eats 12oz!!! Getting so big sitting so tall. Happy 6 months Jack O Potomus:)

  6. Happy 6 months to Jackson! It's so easy to start calling them Jack and so many fun nicknames :)


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