Friday, July 26, 2013

Operation Get Fit

So this is the dreaded post where I pledge to hold myself accountable to getting my body back to it's more happy state. I'm very hesitant to post this partly due to the fear that I will kick off this campaign and have it go nowhere, but I'm slightly even more frightened that if I don't then I will never do anything about the situation and blissfully give in to all the Mickey D sweet teas and sugary treats I desire and just become comfortable in this more fluffy appearance. 

I'm currently 7.5 months post baby. I tried to look back to see exactly how much I gained with Jackson, but I couldn't find the number. I believe I gained 45lbs...if that's not accurate, it's close. I believe I hit my pre-E body around the 9 month mark and then weight just kept falling off after that until I became pregnant again with Jackson. I haven't been able to do too much yet since I was nursing Jackson up until a month ago. I have been doing hot yoga for about 2 months, but now I'm ready to get my diet more under control and hopefully add in some other exercise as well. At this point I feel like the weight is just "stuck".

In hopeful aspiration of hopping into size 4's or possibly size 2's without any flabby belly overhang or spandex contraptions that truly create amazing optical illusions, I am kicking off operation #MTUOperationGetFit. (There isn't much there yet, but there will be soon...hopefully.)

Onto, the even more dreaded part...the before stats and pictures.


Waist: (Above belly button) 31in 
                                                     (At belly button because I feel this is my trouble spot) 33.5 in
Hips: 39in
Thighs: (L) 22in (R) 22.5in
Calves: (L) 15in (R) 15in
Arms: (L) 12in (R) 12in

Props for bravery on posting this right? Ugh. Sorry for the's incredibly hard to take pictures of yourself in a narrow mirror with beveled edges. 


For the sake of keeping a little bit of mystery about myself I won't give you the actual number. I know...whomp, whomp. I feel like people take those numbers without any consideration of height, build or whatever else might impact it. So, instead I'll go the + or - route. 

First let's talk goals. I'm +9lbs of where I was pre-Ethan. I'm +20lbs of where I was pre-Jackson. I'm honestly more concerned with shape than numbers, but they go hand in hand somewhat I guess. Let's just say my old normal weight looks nothing like it once did, but I think my healthiest weight is somewhere in the middle.

So, let's say:

+14lbs from Goal Weight

So, there you have it. My fluffy pictures and stats ingrained in the inter webs forever and ever. That just means there needs to be a darn good after, right? 

**Today I'm beginning a detox cleanse to kick things off. Be on the lookout for the review of that sometime next week.**


  1. awesome girl! you'll get this :) I never had any issue with milk supply and started watching what I ate pretty much 6 weeks postpartum--but I did account for nursing. Actually, I am still nursing--but nothing seems to affect that. Weird? But good :) Excited for you! Keep us posted!

  2. I found your blog through the Jenna's Journey commenting challenge. Your oldest and my daughter have the same birthday.

  3. You go girl! Best can do this!

  4. Go momma GO!! Can't wait to watch your progress and hopefully gain some motivation:)

  5. How's it going, Laura?? I still have a few lbs to lose and peter is WAY older than Jack. It's so difficult. I am less than cautious about eating though and find little time to work out, own fault!


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