Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Reasons I'm Breaking My "No Christmas Before Thanksgiving" Rule

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday hands down. No gifts just family and food. Always a winner in my book. I've rolled my eyes countless times over seeing Christmas out way before its time. "Commercialism" as Charlie Brown would say is determined to ruin Thanksgiving…and Christmas, but that's another post for another day. And here I am, mid November with my house fully decorated (minus the tree). Who am I?

P.S. These lights lasted a day before I blew out our electrical outlet. Apparently it's not so awesome to plug in 16 power cords to one timer and then plug the one timer into an outlet. Hopefully my Handy Dandy Husband will have them back and running up our electric bill soon.

Honestly? I blame it all on Jack. This sweet tiny bundle of joy made his appearance December 14th last year and required me to do all things Christmas EARLY. Now…I'm addicted.

5 Reasons I'm Breaking My "No Christmas Before Thanksgiving" Rule

{One} Less Stress

In years past I've truly been a "bah-humbug-er". I know it's terrible to say, but Christmas stresses me out. There is so much to do in so little time and my perfectionism (and sometimes my cynicism) gets in the way of me having a good time with it. I never properly plan for a smooth Christmas and starting early cures some of that. Knowing I have the decorating out of the way is a biggie for me. Seriously this holiday basically requires you to pack up half your house and put decor out. It's a job. The more time I have to do it, the better.

{Two} The Toddler Needs to Get His Mind Right

"What's Santa going to bring you?". That question needs to go to die right now. I'm not completely anti Santa, but it's so freaking hard to get a toddler to grasp the concept that Christmas is not all about presents when that is what's constantly thrown in his face. Having the Christmas decor out brought on the "I want presents!" antics and I'm tying that in quite nicely with Thanksgiving at the moment. We are blessed. Be thankful child. Think of others. It's a work in progress.

{Three} It's A Short Season

Has anyone looked at the calendar this year? Christmas comes fast this time around. Like I mentioned before…decorating is a lot of work. I want it to be worth it! 

{Four} Frees Up Time for More Fun

Now that I have the busy work out of the way, we have time to enjoy it. I can now shift my focus to fun Christmas activities after Thanksgiving. I have so many things I want to do with the littles and I want our weekends to be filled with fun not preparation.

{Five} Everything Takes Longer with Little Kids

I don't think I'll be decorating before Thanksgiving forever. This season of life is just…busy. Everything we do takes 10x longer than normal at the moment. We need one weekend to get the tree and another to decorate it. Un-decorating my house and redecorating requires several days because of little hands that like to "help" or destroy. We can only pack so many fun activities into one day or even one weekend without melt downs from either the kids or the adults. Right now, extra time…is such a blessing.

As they say…"never say never". Sorry Thanksgiving. I love you. I really truly do, please just look the other way as I try to save my sanity. 

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  1. That picture of Jack is soo cute!

  2. I love Thanksgiving, too - no pressure, just time to enjoy each other. However, we're going to go ahead and decorate this weekend and I'm 95% done with my Christmas shopping. If I get it all done early then I'm able to enjoy the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  3. I agree 100% with all reasons listed!! Especially this whole thing with instilling the true meaning of Christmas and thanksgiving into a toddler. They're kind of crazy beings, and it's a lot to grasp. Christmas isn't up yet at our house but you can bet next Wednesday night it's on! Yes that's the day before thanksgiving :)

  4. I love this!! I've always tried to make the season last as long as possible. Love it! Merry, merry! xx

  5. I used to decorate Dec 1....but since having kids I do it this week as we always have friends over for my husband's birthday weekend for a birthday dinner/Christmas dinner with our friends and I like to have the house decorated for that. Braden LOVES Christmas so I don't mind doing it early at all!

  6. I, like you, always decorate after Thanksgiving! Honestly, I have been contemplating breaking my rule for the same reasons listed above. This post may push me over the edge:) Thanks!


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