Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday



I have a secret. I've been desperately behind the times. Until yesterday…I had...a dumb phone. That's right folks. If you hadn't already suspected from my subpar photos, I've been instagramming (find me under mythoughtsuninterrupted) from the iPad while I patiently waited for my dumb phone to kick the bucket. It hung in there longer than any other phone I have ever had, but finally my husband considered it dysfunctional when I had to resort to talking on it only through speakerphone. Hence it's retirement. I was pretty much dancing around singing "It's a whole new world!" yesterday. I know, I know…but seriously. I had to wait forever.

I know I'm still technically behind the times, but for me…major upgrade!

So now, I need to know from all you experts…

Favorite apps? Best cases? I'm an iPhone dummy…enlighten me!


Although I've always been against Christmas before Thanksgiving, I've discovered that with young kids it is best to start early. It just takes so much time to do everything anymore and it's nice to have some things out of the way like buying presents and decorating. This week I've managed to get up most everything minus the tree and I plan on doing the lights outside this weekend. I've got some fun Christmas crafts to share soon! Here is a canvas I completed yesterday to go behind my nativity scene. Be on the look out for a tutorial!


I haven't ordered my Christmas cards yet. For some reason I'm just not feeling it this year which is so odd because sending mass amounts of cards/invitations in the mail makes me unreasonably happy. Mail is my favorite. Real mail. 

I'm thinking of possibly trying to do a card that gives profits to charity, but I haven't found the right one yet. I typically always do a photo card, but our last family session was in August and I feel like all the pictures have been seen. I like the element of surprise. When it costs so much to order and send cards…it should be something people haven't seen before. Who knows…maybe I'll try to do a mini photo shoot with the kids myself. That should go well. 


Have you tried Dunkin Donuts Turbo Coffee? Um, we bought it because there was no regular left and seriously…it has cut me back to one cup a day. The first day I had it I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was on something more than just coffee. Let's just say I got lots done. It's my new favorite.


J's turning one is 30 days!! How did that happen??? From the moment I found out about him I've worried about how to handle his birthday being right smack dab before Christmas. So, I'm pretending he was born in January. No really, pretty sure I will always throw his party a month late. Maybe it's wrong, but I feel like this will be less stressful and that more focus will be put on him. And also? I couldn't stand for there to be Christmas decor up at every single birthday because winter babies have house parties right? I'm a theme girl and I don't want to always be working around the Christmas theme. And yes, this years theme has been picked. I decided on it way before his birth actually. 

A little flashback...

Happy Friday Ya'll! 

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  1. I cannot believe he's going to be one so soon! YAY for a smartphone!


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