Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Typography Canvas

I created this typography canvas to go behind my Willow Tree nativity scene after seeing another type of canvas done similarly on Pinterest. I never dreamed it would be so simple and easy. This idea can be used for so many other purposes like kids rooms or everyday decor. 

Step 1: Get Your Font Ready

You can use any font you want, but I do suggest using something that has some width to it. You will need to cut out each and every letter which could get complicated with some script fonts. Also, some of the spray paint will creep underneath the letters so delicate font won't really work with this particular method. You will need to play around with the sizes…I believe I ended up using around 175. 

Once you have made your choice, cut out each word group and figure out how it will lay on the canvas. It is much simpler to do now rather than wait until you've cut out each letter. You may have to resize and reprint.

Once you have a layout in mind. Cut out each individual letter. I put each word in a separate zip lot baggie so I could keep up with them easily.

Step 2: Spray Paint Your Canvas

Spray paint your canvas whatever color you are wanting your font color to be. I used a Krylon Metallic Gold. It took a few coats and it never went on completely evenly, but it didn't end up mattering for this particular project.

Step 3: Apply Wording

Once the paint is dry use an adhesive spray to apply the letters. This was a learning process for me. In fact at one point I had to use goo gone to remove it and start over because I hadn't sprayed enough down the first time and the spray paint got under my letters a little too much. So be sure to give it a generous, but even coating.

Once you have the adhesive down, apply your letters. You don't have to rush…the spray adhesive lets you readjust for quite awhile without any problems. I didn't aim for perfection on my letter laying for this particular project.

Once they are down give it a couple of spray with your second color choice for the top coat of paint (off white in my case) and then carefully peel up each letter to reveal the undercoat. Let it dry and you are done! I put a little burlap ribbon around the edges of my canvas. I re-used a canvas from another "failed" project that did not have pretty edges. So you could leave that off if you want.

You can see that the top coat does get under the letters a bit. I was okay with this look, but if you'd rather it not, I would try more spray adhesive or a thicker font.

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