Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Things I'm Excited About!

Ok so yesterday's post was filled with complaints so in order to bring a little bit of sunshine to this blog I thought I would do a post exactly opposite today with 10 things I'm excited about.

  1. A Long Weekend. YAY!!! There is nothing more than I need than a long break from work. It is going to be amazing.

  2. A Ginormous Margarita. Make that a frozen strawberry margarita and get it here quick! Me and the hubby are going to eat Mexican tonight and I am looking forward to my happiness in a glass!

  3. A New Cookbook. I had some reward points to use up from work and Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basics is what I got!

  4. Great Weather. It is so pretty outside and in the 80's. Yay for summer!

  5. All My Trips in June. Starting the month off with the No Doubt concert in Atlanta, then our anniversary trip to Jamaica, and ending with a wedding where I will get to see some friends I haven't seen since my own!

  6. Getting to try out a new recipe. A co-worker requested White Chocolate Key Lime Pie for her 30th birthday. Sounds yummy...I think I will make it in mini tart shells.

  7. An upcoming delivery of new makeup. Thanks to Aliya I found this website where almost everything is a $1. I'll let you guys know later on if it's crap or not. I thought it would be worth a try though at such a cheap price!

  8. Clean carpets. I have some gift certificates saved up for a nice little steam cleaning vac. Can't wait!

  9. Lola being able to sleep in the bed. She is finally old enough to make it through the night and trustworthy enough to let sleep in the bed. Unfortunately she's not a big cuddler.

  10. My 100th Post. That's today by the way - I feel like it took me way too long to get here, but I'm here! Happy 100th post day to me!


  1. What a fun list!
    I love the weather, I wish it could last. Here, it only stays like that for a month maybe and then it gets way too hot.
    My hubby and I are eating Mexican tonight too. I always look forward to Friday night dates.

    I love looking at cook books and trying new recipes. Well, honestly, I love actually looking through the cookbooks more than I love cooking but it is always fun to try something new.

    It sounds like June is going to be a great month for you and it is almost here. Hooray!

    Congrats on your 100th post. You have a really cool picture for it! I like the party hat over the 0.

  2. Great list....lots of good things to look forward to! : )

  3. that margarita sounds great!!

  4. I want to see No Doubt so bad!! Let me know how it is! :)

  5. Happy 100th!!!! Here's to hundreds more!

    P.S. I want a ginormous margarita now. :)

  6. Hooray for 100 posts!


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