Thursday, May 14, 2009

List Crazy

I have been in my "Get Shit Done Mode" this week. I love it when I am in this mode because I have goals and I get things accomplished and things are just better. It gives me the feeling of satisfaction like nothing else. It's awesome. My husband probably hates it because I am constantly on his back to be in the "Get Shit Done Mode" as well and for whatever reason he's not always on my same page.

I don't know about you guys, but I have lists.

Lot's of lists.

  • "The List" - You know the one that has the 5 year plan (babies, cars, houses, jobs, trips) that kind of a thing.
  • The "1 Year Plan" list - Major home improvement projects, potential move planning, trip planning
  • "The House" list - including all the little things that need to be fixed before we sale and dates that they need to be done by.
  • "The Weekly List" - including all the little things that need to happen to make the big plans work.
  • And finally "The Daily" check list that is in my planner making sure all the other lists get done.
Wow, that exhausted me just writing that. No wonder Michael doesn't like it when I'm in this frame of mind.

I feel like if I didn't have lists my mind would just explode. I would constantly worry and not plan things as logically without being able to see the big picture and how to get there. It helps me lower my stress level by getting things on paper and on the calendar.

Anyone else list crazy out there?


  1. Oh you don't even wanna know my list - it's crazy and too many!!!!!

    I save it on my Blackberry and it keeps building up!!!

  2. Yes, I'm OCD when it comes to list! :)
    Reading that reminds me of

  3. there's nothing wrong with a little Type-A list making! Not only am I a post-it Queen but I blow through planner after planner (especially when a cuter one comes along and catches my eye..) I can't quite yet change over to electronic lists- I get more satisfaction by crossing things out! I <3 lists.

  4. I have my moments. But my husband loves lists and planning. I think he would like me to do it more often.

    I think it is GREAT to be in that mode. It can be very productive. Good luck with your plan for getting it all done!

  5. It seems like the older you get, unfortunately lists a needed to be made. I forget somethings some times as well so I actually put in my calendar when I'm meeting up with friends just so I don't forget. My friends laugh at me, but it keeps me organized!! :D


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