Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strange Things Happen While You're Sleeping...

It is Thursday (thank God!) and that means it is writers workshop day with Mama Kat! Today's topic is about sleep walking. Mine isn't about sleep walking, but close enough to count I think. So anyways....

One night, in the beginning of our living together stage of our relationship, I woke up to Michael leaning over, shaking me, calling my name.

Michael: "Laura! Laura! Wake up!"

Me: (obviously in a state of sleepy shock): "What?!? What's wrong???"

Him: (in all seriousness, eyes wide open): "The police are here."

Me: "What? Why? What happened?"

Him: "They're downstairs, we need to go let them in."

Me: "What are you talking about? Why are they here?"

At this point he started becoming confused and not making much sense. I started to realize that he must be asleep. He finally comes to and I tell him how scary he was. His eyes were was I supposed to know if he was awake or not?? He was obviously embarrassed so I dropped it.

It continues on...we have some very interesting conversations while he is "sleeping". Nothing juicy yet though. I try to ask him questions, but he hasn't fallen for it yet. It still freaks me out that he has his eyes open though.

When we got Lola, we were having to take her out at crazy times and Michael was still working night shift. I would wake him up in the morning before I left so he could play with her for a little bit and take her out. One morning, he got out of bed and was walking around talking to me and I handed him our puppy, who was probably a mere 2-3 pounds at the time, and started to leave.

Michael: What do you want me to do with her?

Me: What do you mean? Take her out like normal.

Michael: But there aren't any pallets for her to build? (Which was his job at the time.)

Me: What?!?!?

Michael (scanning the room): There are no pallets for her to build. Everything is done. There isn't any work for her to do!

I frantically yanked the puppy out of his hands in fear of him dropping her and pushed him around to try to wake him up. It's so weird. He's convinced he's awake when he sleeps.

I'm demanding he goes to some kind of sleep study before we have children. Can you imagine him doing that with a baby? I'm going to be a nervous wreck.


  1. This is funny and cute!!! I honestly believe some people do say the darndest things when they are asleep and your hubs is no different! :)

  2. That does sound crazy! Has he ever had a sleep study? Does he feel rested?

  3. PS I am glad the police were not at your house : ).

  4. wow. I have NEVER had a sleepwalking experience or encounter believe it or not. I think it would be creepy too. I don't know how I would handle it. They say your not supposed to wake them up because they kept violent from disorientation, but who knows. Could be a myth. Just be careful!

  5. It's funny AND dangerous. I just read an article about people who have committed crimes while they've been asleep. Even more interesting is that in that state they cannot feel pain, not physical or otherwise. The brain is numbed to it because they are sleeping!

    I once had a friend who called the police because she thought she had been robbed. She was convinced that someone broke in during the night and ate all the homemade chocolate chip cookies that had been in the house. When the police asked her if anyone in the home sleep walked she felt very silly because she realized that it probably wasn't a robber, but she who ate the cookies in her sleep!!!

  6. Hun, you're not alone. I live with a cukoo sleepwalker, and it scares me to pieces! I have a story posted on my blog about an incident with my hubby.

  7. That's hysterical, but a little scary too. I talk in my sleep, as does my son. My husband on the other hand is so groggy in the morning that he may as well be sleep-walking and won't remember most of the conversations he has.

  8. I would be scared shitless if that happened to sister used to do that when we were younger, she tried attacking my mom.

  9. Oh man, I do that to Mr. Darling periodically. He wakes up to a radio alarm clock, and once when it went off, a Backstreet Boys song was playing, and I told Mr. D that the Backstreet Boys were trying to tell him something. He never did figure out what, though.

  10. that is scary but funny none the less.

  11. haha! i dated a guy that did that and i would always try to get him to say funny things!

  12. I had a boy stay over one night. He was actually sleeping on the couch in the other room because I roll like that. I woke up with him standing above me breathing. That's it, just breathing and looking. I freaked out. Through a long serious of events I found out he was sleepwalking. He doesn't have sleepovers anymore though. I would be very never about your husbands ways.

  13. *nervous. I would be nervous.


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