Monday, May 11, 2009

A Boarding Dilemma

My husband and I will be leaving for Jamaica in less than a month! Unfortunately I can't get too excited because I still don't know exactly what we are going to be doing with our little Lola. I have called a few boarding places and unless you want to pay $40 plus bucks a day it seems as if they just leave her locked up all day. I don't think I could enjoy my vacation knowing my puppy is in doggy jail. I found a place for $20 but they only let her out once in the morning to allow them to sanitize her crate. If I want her to be walked it's $8 for a 20 minute session. I love her to death but I really don't want to fork out $400.

We have had several people offer to take care of her for us. Because I mean seriously who could turn down this cute face?

I just don't feel like we have trained her well enough to do that yet. I would be mortified if she destroyed some one's furniture. Currently she has a bloody mouth because she is losing teeth, she's a biter, a chewer, a shoe stealer, a stinky poop maker, and pee puddle leaver.

Ugh, such a dilemma.

We did try to build our case for Michael's mom yesterday although she didn't take the bait. I think I would only feel comfortable leaving her with family because even if she tears something up they still have to love us. Although it would require a lot more driving to get her there, it would end up being cheaper and leave us with peace of mind. I just don't want to ask them because I feel like they would feel obligated. I'd rather them suggest it on their own.

Do any of you board your pets? Any tips I should know?


  1. The extra money is totally worth it. If you look back in my old posts with the labels "King Arthur" and "Surgery" you will find out what can happen if you go the cheap way. My poor dog ended up with $3,000 worth of surgery to repair his knee after I boarded him over Christmas. He permanently dislocated it playing while unsupervised and then was never separated from the other dogs or isolated when he started limping.

    I'm not trying to scare you, I swear. I just never want this to happen to someone else. $400 and sanity is totally worth it!!!

    Though, if you have someone you trust that has offered to watch her, let them!! They know she is a puppy and they know what they are getting into. Sometimes it's okay to accept help from friends :)

  2. Hmmm. We are lucky. My in-laws live right by our house and they will watch our little dog. We are very lucky. Because if they wouldn't do that, I think I would pay to board her.

  3. Idea - maybe start kennel training her? That way you won't feel so bad with having one of your friends watch her. they can keep her kenneled during the day and she will be able to destroy less. :) trust me, it's easy to kennel train and dogs are really okay with it if they are trained slowly. it's like they have a den. or.... just kennel her and eat the cost. sorry...i don't have any better ideas! one of our dogs is a biter so we go through the same dilemma every time we leave. good luck!

  4. it's such a tough decision to board your furbaby- you don't want to spend your entire vacation worrying about her! have you talked to any other pup owners who could recommend a kennel in your area? it's always better taking sound advice from someone who's used the place. i talked to our dog walkers at length and they were able to throw out three or four that they use themselves. gratned, you're right.. it costs an arm and a leg.. for five days (wed night thru monday morning) it cost roughly 290.00, because of course I wanted him to have one-on-one time and treats every other day! i love how you say that "no matter what she does, family as to love us anyway".. haha, SO true! we'll be leaving our pup with my parents for our summer vacations.. :) goodluck!

  5. I would let someone close to me watch my animal, but give them a lot of heads up first. Or ask someone you may know that would be willing to stay at your place to watch them. You would be surprised, what you think is terrible might not be much to others. I would not go to the place that they only get out once a day.

  6. I would ask a family member. I have a small Yorkie, and I know that she would be terrified to be around other dogs and people that she doesnt know. Offer your family member some money to alieve the guilt (if you have any) and have peace of mind. no one will love her like family!


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