Monday, September 14, 2009


All of our lives we try to fit into groups. Whether it's a political group, a sports team, a cliche at school or even at work for that matter, we all want to fit in. We all feel the need to share interests with someone. What is it about a collective group that makes us feel so....comfortable?

I think people are scared to be them selves - to be that true individual. Yes, we might share certain interests or beliefs with another, but when you get down to the nitty gritty none of us are exactly alike.

There is something about the whole "grouping" thing that makes it uncomfortable to show your true self. Will you be cast out because you disagree on something or because your personality is just a little different?

Isn't it our individuality that really makes people like us?

You are liked because you are you. A you that no one else can be. Each person has a uniqueness about them that makes them interesting. Why is it that people are so uncomfortable to show their true selves?


  1. You know, I definitely fit into some groups. But what I've noticed is that people within groups are often so different that it is amazing that they are even in the same group.

    I belong to groups because I feel it is the right group. But really, I'm not into the whole group thing. I like the freedom of being able to know lots of different points of views about many different things.

    But I will say, it is nice when you are with people who do share your same goals and opinions. It would be emotionally stressful to constantly be around people who have no clue how you feel or think and who are constantly contending about your point of view.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said, Laura!!! I think we all want to be who we truly are. And being just who you are seems so easy, but the most difficult thing to do I think... I would love to be just me and be happy!!!


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