Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Some Things I Have My Eye On...

I made out a list of the essential things I need for fall. Due to my new budget, I need to be a little more selective in the things I purchase. It's actually quite challenging and fun. A little less buyers remorse as well! That's always a good thing. So anyways...on to the things I need to be looking for good deals on.

  1. Boots - I am in desperate need of some new ankle/mid calf boots in both black and brown.

  2. Don't you just love these? They aren't budget friendly (or not that I've found yet) but they are to die for....Steve Madden - Elivate

  3. Colorful Tops - I pretty much only have white, brown, black, and grey. How drab is that?

  4. Top from Gap

  5. Fun Flats - I need some fun shoes to spice up my existing drab wardrobe.

  6. Maybe some color?

    Maybe some animal print?

    Or perhaps some metallic?

    All shoes shown from Target - very budget friendly indeed! Maybe I can have them all, hehe.

  7. Lightweight Scarf - I have heavy ones that I never wear. I need some more functional scarves.

  8. Scarf from Old Navy - Certainly budget friendly!

  9. A Dressy Brown Coat - I only have a casual brown peacoat. It's time for something a little more dressy.

  10. Still looking for deals on this one - Coat from Victoria Secret

So tell me - what are your best deal finding secrets???


  1. Great choices! I love that coat! And those flats are fabulous!

  2. I have no good money-saving suggestions, except that the more you shop the more likely you are to spot the really good deals.

    I would like some silver flats. They go with so many things!

  3. Great taste my dear, I love the coat!! LOVE IT! The shoes are fabulous too!

  4. gap, old navy and the limited. coupons, coupons, coupons!!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it!! I love the boots, they are too cute! Try www.cutesygirl.com they have good deals on their shoes! You have great style. I am with you, I have all basic colors like whites and blacks and tans! I need to switch it up a bit!


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