Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Story of Yesterday...

As you noticed there was no "What's to Eat? Wednesday" yesterday and that was because....I locked myself out of the house.

I was stuck outside with this guy....

...and about a dozen or more mosquitoes. I now have bites covering my feet and hands and even on the center of my forehead. My blood must be quite delicious because if there is a mosquito in a one mile will find me.

Oh, what fun. Thankfully the hubs did finally came home to save the day.

In other news.....

Lola also had a rough day yesterday. I've taken her to PetSmart the last 3 times to get her hair done (which costs more than my own haircut btw) and each time she practically runs out of the store when I come to pick her up.

This time I had to drag her in.

She knew after we got past the toy section exactly where she was going and tried with all her might to stop me from taking her to the back of the store where the grooming place is. Once we got there she had runny anxiety poo.

I felt terrible for leaving her.

One of the many things that bother me about grooming at Petsmart is that you have to leave them for 4 hours. It seriously can't take that long!

When I came back she tried to run furiously to the front of the store. Thank goodness for the slippery floors that keep the dogs from getting any traction.

I knew she had to pee.

Every time we leave from the grooming place we get stopped by someone who says "aawwww how cute" and insists on talking to me while my little Lola pees on the floor.

This time I high tailed it out of there.

All was good until the checkout line when the nice lady decided my dog just HAD to have a treat which involved her going to get a bag to refill her diminished supply.

Lola couldn't take it anymore....she didn't even squat...she laid down and peed. So much for the bath.

Next time, she will be going somewhere different. If Petsmart insists on keeping her for 4 hours then they need to take her out to do her business and supply her with water. I can tell when we get home she has had nothing to drink. Anxiety makes her very thirsty. I can't do it to her anymore!


  1. Aww she's so cute! I see why you have a hard time leaving her.

  2. she definitely is adorable. :) i might have a suggestion for you...since most groomers keep dogs for about 4 hours if not longer, i might suggest doing trial trips to the groomers where you use treats to associate positive things with the groomers. i would do this for a week prior to her going - take her every day to the groomers and give her treats as she walks in and then walk her out and give her a treat. i don't know if it will work but it might be worth a shot!! good luck!

  3. WOW! That seems like WAY TOO LONG. I have seen them cut the dogs hair and it is pretty quick. She is adorable though! I love her hair do!

  4. my son Dakota is covered in bites of some kind. i spent 80$ to find that out. :)

  5. that is way too long. A couple hours most - and she looks little. My dog pees everytime we go in there - I think she does it on purpose.

  6. my sympathies on the 'skeeters. They attack me, too. I can stand next to my husband and get 10 bites while he gets *none*!! It's so unfair...

    I haven't been by in a while ... way too long really. I like the new layout a lot.

    Also, I just spent a while getting a bit "caught up" and I like the new Wednesday feature.

    I'll be dropping in a bit more often. :)


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