Friday, September 11, 2009

Things that are on My Nerves

  • Flies and gnats that insist on buzzing around my kitchen
  • The look of auducity when you ask for ketchup at a drive through
  • Shopping carts left in parking spaces
  • When the drive through lady hands you your bag of food while telling a co-worker that she hopes no one gets what she has
  • Running into people at the grocery store that you really didn't want to see
  • Getting ketchup that has sticky ketchup residue all over it
  • My broken straightner
  • Only getting two packets of ketchup for a large fry
  • Rain that only comes on weekends that you plan to camp out
  • Getting 15 packets for a small fry
  • Never getting enough done during the day


  1. That is a good list of annoying things.

    I will add

    People who discuss the proposed health care bill without actually reading the bill. And that is practically everyone.

    My yard. If I water enough for the flowers to grow the grass gets too much water and grows mold. If I lessen the watering time the flowers don't bloom. :( Very annoying.

  2. Yes, I agree about those darn shopping carts. People are so lazy.

  3. :) that list got me laughing. SO SO funny. Someone went to McD's today? maybe? drive-through people annoy me...always.

  4. Amen! Those drive through people can be so rude sometimes. I think anyone with a job should have a smile on their face and be thanking their lucky stars!

  5. although these things grate on your nerves, i still found your post cute! but i will share with you my ketchup pet-peeve...when the packet comes to you and the packet feels greasy on your hands. GROSS!


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