Monday, May 17, 2010

Crib Search

Full on baby mode is here! This weekend we immersed ourselves in the search for baby furniture. It is all so overwhelming and expensive! I went without a plan. I didn't know what I wanted as far as looks or versatility. I thought it might just pop out - it didn't, but a plan did develop.

I think we have decided to get a crib that just simply turns into a toddler bed if needed. We really thought we would go for the lifetime crib that converts to a full size bed, but in the end we decided that would be too expensive. I figure the crib we get this time will be the baby crib for every child we have. Once they grow out of it a twin bed is most likely in their future, not a full size bed, just simply due to space at this time. We stopped by a couple of furniture stores while we were out and found that twin beds just cost about $250 a piece anyways and of course they have the full room package deals that are pretty hard to beat as well.

With that solved, we needed to pick out a style. I had been having a hard time finding anything I liked because if it was going to turn into a full sized bed, I wanted it to have a solid headboard instead of all those slats. Unfortunately I wasn't finding many of those at all, but since we decided to do just the crib it became much simpler!

After looking in stores and online, I think I have decided to go with something like this...with the front and back being even height with taller sides...

or possibly one that has even sides all the ways around that tend to be a bit more modern. As far as color goes, I believe we will be going with a darker shade. I like the white cribs, but I feel like they are more for a girl than for a boy.
Besides the crib, I figure we will need a chair, a dresser, and a nightstand/table. We looked at several package deals and we were having a hard time finding anything under $1000.00 without the chair of course. I've decided to start searching online to see if we can just find random pieces that go together for a cheaper price.
Any helpful tips are much appreciated. Any favorite sites you used? Where did you purchase yours? What did you like or what would you have done differently?
The search continues...


  1. I like the 3 in 1 cribs that grow with the baby, those are great.

    The one we picked but have yet to purchase is from Babies R Us and the whole set is about $1000. Furniture is expensive!!!!


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