Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New Love - The Flea Market

Another way I have found to save money is to buy second hand. I'm a novice at this, I must admit. In fact, I was a flea market/second hand virgin until this past weekend. Now I cannot wait until next month when its flea market time again!!! Unfortunately it's the day we come back from vacay...I might have to use some persuasion techniques to talk my husband into it, but I'm game for sure!

So why all the excitement??? I got this dining room table for $75!!!

Isn't that awesome? Now you see why I have to go back....I need chairs before the holidays. If I hadn't found this and had to buy it new with chairs it probably would have cost me at least $1,500 and let's fact it, with a baby on the way that room was going to be sitting empty for a couple years and that was going to drive me insane!

Okay onto the whole reason I wanted to go to the flea market in the first place....a dresser for the nursery. I've had qualms about spending money on the nursery for whatever reason and the best thing I found dresser wise was going to cost me $330 from Ikea with shipping included (we don't have one here) otherwise everything was about $500 and up.

I found this lovely piece for $175! So excited. And I promise it looks better in person than it does in this picture. Please excuse the pink walls (this is going to be our nursery room and the previous owner had girls) they will be some point!

Here is a close up of the dresser. It's a Henry Link dresser from either the 60's or 70's that has been refinished shabby chic style. It has a blue underlay then white crackle painted over top. I may keep it as is or paint it...I haven't decided.

I just love all the personality this piece has and it has totally turned my ideas for the nursery upside down. In fact I've given up on the crib search entirely for now. Now I'm onto the bedding. We will see what happens. I can't wait for it to all come together.

And it better come together fast....I might seriously lose it if one more person asks me what colors I'm doing in the nursery. I just found out the sex a week ago...........I DON'T KNOW!!! I'm working as fast as possible to figure it out though...I promise! (Shew...I feel better now.)

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