Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Pregnancy Update

This weekend was an extremely busy one, but great at the same time. We finished our major projects just in time and I put together a wonderful dinner to honor Michael's mom for Mother's Day and her birthday. It was so much fun getting out all the china and crystal and I think she really enjoyed it.

I was even honored on Mother's Day even though I am just a half-way mom at this point. Michael's mom brought me some beautiful garden roses. I love the white one with the light pink tips.

And my sister sent me these beautiful roses and some chocolates. It was such a surprise and of course this new emotional me cried. It was just so incredibly thoughtful of her. I called her as soon as I got them and she said she wanted to be the first to give me something for Mothers Day. A little bit of jealousy perhaps of my unborn child? I don't know but I love it lol.

Speaking of little Pistachio I am currently 19 weeks. Nothing too much has changed besides my growing stomach! I finally gained. As of my last appointment I'm up 5 pounds. My doctor recommended another vitamin supplement of Omega 3 to subside some of the itchy dry skin I was having as well as he gave me something for my increasing indigestion. I'm suppose to take it 30 minutes before a meal, but I'm not too huge on medication. I'd like to only take it as needed so really I take it only if I know I'm about to have a heavy meal. For now I only get indigestion every now and then, but I suspect it will pick up later on.

As for maternity wear...I'm still not really there yet. I have been looking for some capris (black and jean) to wear soon. I found out that you have to purchase quick when it came to maternity wear on the Old Navy site the hard way. I had found exactly what I wanted but during the hour I continued to search around on other sites they some how sold out of everything I wanted. Major disappointment. So the search continues...


  1. Happy Mother's Day Laura!! -x-

  2. Belly looks great!! I like the Gap maternity pants with the low band, they are pretty comfy!

  3. Your belly is sooo cute! AND, you are a mom, so hush that half stuff and enjoy the Mother's Day!

  4. Coming along I see! YAY! You look great!


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