Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pink or Blue????

Today is the day! We find out at 4PM whether little Pistachio is a girl or a boy. I seriously can not wait! I've already determined that pretty much nothing is going to get done today because I have the concentration of a goldfish (or whatever animal has no concentration).

I'll be sure to fill you all in tomorrow!

Now I just need to figure out how to drink all this water and manage not pee all over myself. Yay!


  1. You must be ecstatic! Can't wait to hear Pistachio's gender :)

  2. Yeah!!! My guess is girl!!

    I hate that you have to have a full bladder to do u/s. It's like pregnant lady torture!!!

    Enjoy today, I can't wait till we find out in June.

  3. I had a not so nice accident on the technician's feet...that'll teach them not to force pregnant women to fill up the bladders like that.

    Guessing boy cause everyone is having sons...


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