Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling Adventurous

I've officially shocked myself. When my husband called me with news of a possible move I actually considered it....and got excited about it.

We just moved in this house (which we planned on staying in for at least 5-10 years) less than one year ago. When we finally got back to our home town...we thought we would stay forever. I thought life would finally feel complete and normal now that we were back home with family, but you know might just be a tad bit boring.

The move wouldn't take place for about a year so there's still a lot of time to consider, change my mind, freak out, or get more excited; but I've decided to commit to it and give the hubby the go ahead if that's what's in the cards for him and his job.

This first move would probably last about 2 years which would be a good test time to see if I'm going to love or hate it. To see if I can handle having kids with ZERO help around. To see if we might want to do some more moving around in the future.

All of the sudden I've realized that the clock is ticking. I think I'd want to have my kids stay in one place once they begin school, but then again that's only because that's what I did and that's all I know. It might be exciting and a good experience to move around to different places around the country...or beyond. Who knows what's in the cards for us, but for now I'm in the mood for anything.

Yay for a potential change of a year or so!

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