Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm My Own Worst Enemy

It's cleaning day here again. Even though I spent Monday and Tuesday furiously catching up on my chores so me and Ethan could play outside in the pretty weather for the rest of the week...the house is still in great need of cleaning today, a mere 3 days later.

As my husband says...I'm my own worst enemy. I truly do it to myself. I tell myself I've done so well cleaning the rest of the day that I might not clean up after I make dinner that night since I've already cleaned the kitchen once or twice already that day. I may leave my clothes on the floor when I change for bed, because (A) I might wear them again tomorrow...I'm addicted to a certain pair of yoga pants or (B) I'm too tired to put them away. I'll probably leave my coffee cup at the desk because the baby calls and I forget about it. I might leave the bread on the counter when I get done making my lunch and pile the clean laundry in the corner to fold another day. And by the end of the week, this all adds up to a freshly dirtied house by yours truly....the cleaning lady.

So instead of playing outside again today in the precious warm weather that will surely leave us again and Ethan will be cleaning up mommy's messes. Maybe one day I'll learn.

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