Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Longest 1.5 Miles of My Life

So this week has totally not gone as planned. I set out thinking I'd be well underway to having a brand new dining room. Not so much. Mom kept Ethan overnight on Monday and as I went to get in the car to go buy my paint I discovered a HUGE cric in my neck thanks to all the heavy baby stuff I lug around these days and my stubborness of getting everything done in one trip. I decided to at least go buy the paint but the paint store wasn't where I thought it was and since I couldn't really move my head to look for it without turning my whole body I decided to go home. I stayed in bed all day with a therma care wrap pouting about how I totally wasted my baby free day and how much I missed him.

Day two. I got my paint and successfully got the whole room painted before Ethan arrived back home. Unfortunately the color turned out to be absolutely horrid. Like I couldn't even eat in that room if I tried.

Day three....back to the paint store where I spent more money to buy white paint to try to make it lighter. I got a couple walls painted during Ethan's nap which I considered to be a huge success and once it couldn't even tell which walls were the new color. AGH.

By now my house is a disaster zone since I had ignored the cleaning and the laundry while doing the painting. In utter frustration I decided we had to go for a walk and let off some steam.

After 30 minutes of getting everyone ready including the overly excited dog that jumped on me for the entire 30 minutes we finally headed out the door only to feel rain drops at the end of the driveway. I turned around, thought for a minute, and decided we were doing it! I grabbed my umbrella and headed out in faith.

Almost halfway into the walk it started pouring. So now I had the stroller in one attached to stroller via mommy clip and an umbrella in the other. Unfortunately my dog never got walking lessons and pulls the stroller every which a way. At some point the paci got thrown out of the stroller. Cue Ethan wailing. Lets just say I got lots of stares from the neighbors passing by in their cars....I did look like a crazy woman.

Thankfully the rain subsided. I put away the umbrella, stratigically got Ethan out of the stroller without Lola running away stroller and all and began hand with stroller and dog...other hand holding baby. Half a mile to go.

My arms were dying...I finally coxed Ethan back into his stroller and we pumped it home. We made it back...and I was steamier than ever. But we walked...we got out...and that was the point. One accomplishment of the day. We will see what today brings...

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  1. Awww, we painted our dining room this week too. So hard with two little ones. Hope you find a color that works in there!


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