Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thoughts of Spring

The last three days we have had spring like weather (50's and 60's)! Can you believe it? It was nice to step out in short sleeves and flip flops, to take Ethan outside without the fear of him catching a cold or bundling him up in umpteen million layers that we would eventually have to take off because he's hot natured, and to just smile in the sunshine.

Today the back screen door is flapping wildly in the wind and winter is on it's way back. It's still warm at the moment, but there's rain ahead and I'm sure more snow to come. My dreams of warm sunny days, bright colored clothing and outings with the boy are coming to a crashing halt.

I hate the winter. It's depressing. It's dark both inside and outside of my house, everything is dead looking, and it's impossible to get out with a baby. I have to admit that I feel a little trapped, like a hostage of winter. I'm itching for spring to come - bright, sunny days that seem to last forever. I'll take Ethan to the park, we will go on 2 mile walks, and plant flowers in the front yard.

I'll keep dreaming for now...

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