Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memories Through Clothing

I have a bad habit of keeping clothes for a long period of time. I usually buy classic/basic things so they don't really go out of style. Confession - I have clothes in my closet from the 8th grade. Sad I know. My body has of course changed since then, but somethings I can still fit into so I've kept them just in case. There are a few things I have kept that I don't plan on wearing again, but I hold onto because they have special meaning to me. Like my first pair of high heels (which happened to be lime green). Me and my friend Britney bought them at Payless to go with our Limited Too dresses we bought for our 8th grade dance. Fun times. I also have all of my prom dresses and formal dresses that I will probably never wear again. Those I can't part with not because of sentimental value, but mostly because I know how much they cost.

A few things are more sentimental though, like my classic first date shirt that I wore all through high school. Something about it just made me feel sexy and confident. I don't think I can ever part with it. I also have the top I wore on me and Michael's first date and the dress I wore when he proposed. There are certain nights that I can remember exactly what I was wearing when something happened even if it wasn't anything special. Clothes for me hold memories. They were carefully picked for specific occasions and I can't let go.

Today I put on a dress that I didn't know if I could wear again. It has been hanging in the laundry room for over a month and I finally put it back in my closet. At one time this dress made me feel comfortable and classy. It wasn't anything special, but I liked wearing it to work and church. It was something easy to put on and comfortable throughout the day. A few months ago however I wore it to something that I knew would make me not want to wear it again. Isn't it funny how clothing can hold memories just as music and smells?

Do you have any clothes that hold memories for you?


  1. That's cute!

    I clean my closet twice a year and everything I didn't wear in those 6 months I donate to a church sponsored program.

    I save dresses and stuff like that. My wedding dress, obviously. But otherwise, no.

  2. Oh, absoLUTEly! I have a cedar chest full of clothes that hold special meaning to me. Certain outfits from the first day of school on certain years, a favorite bathing suit or two (even one when I was like 7 years old), prom outfits, Guess Jeans in a size I couldn't fit my left butt cheek into now, outfits from first dates or other memorable events. I'm right there with ya!

  3. I am exactly the same way as you, but I'm trying to donate nowadays.

    The only things that I am attached are my kids' clothings - some are just too cute to throw away. My mom sent me some snow hats and mittens that I used to wore (as well as my younger sis) when we used to live in NJ, so that my daughters can use them. She totally preserved it well and they were just like brandnew!!! I guess I got the traits from my mom..

  4. I donated most of my old clothes or give the ones my sister likes to her. I love new clothes and like Bella, would probably only keep my wedding dress. I do wish I kept my prom dress too though!

  5. Confession - I have a little tee-shirt that I used to wear when I was about 10 years old. I still have it. And....I sometimes still wear it. It's totally stretched out now and actually I haven't worn it in a long time. I'll never give it up!

  6. I have the sandals I wore during my round-the-world trip last year (even though they are completely funky now) and the shoes I wore during my first marathon, with my time written on the side of them.

    And I have the t-shirt I wore the night Barack won the election. That can DEFINITELY not get thrown out for the next 4 years. I mean, I would want to jinx his presidency or anything.

    Oh, in response to your last post, I'm an "Audrey Hepburn." :)

  7. I have a terrible time throwing things out. Period. That includes clothes, my kids' clothes, old papers and letters, magazine clippings, and stuff in general. I have a tee shirt from 15 years ago - from a theatre organization I used to manage. It says COMPANY on the back and I paint in it. Probably the funniest thing I've kept is the wedding night pegnoir and gown set that my mother gave me. I never wore it. Ever. Maybe to my funeral?

  8. I have a deep, passionate relationship with my clothes... especially my shoes. when I buy them, I have big plans. I invest a lot (emotionally) into these things.

    and I cant BEAR to part with them!

  9. Unfortunately, it works both ways, doesn't it? They hold good memories and bad memories. It becomes a real head scratcher when an outfit has both. I'm still on the fence about a summer dress.

  10. Absolutely! I still have those size 0 jeans I was wearing when I first met my husband. All of my prom/homecoming dresses, and a shirt that I got in Disney world when I was 5. Other than that I try to donate as much clothes as I can, when I no longer wear them... but I agree there are those specific things, how can you part with them?


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