Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pet-A Roo Pet Carrier Anyone?

The weekend before Michael and I went to pick up Lola (if you haven't met Lola click here and here) we went on a shopping spree at Pet Smart to stock up on all the things she would need, which by the way ended up being quite a lot for the little fur ball. There are plenty of crazy things out there you can buy for your dog, but one of the most hilarious ones we came across was this....

"With the Pet-A-Roo Pet Carrier, you no longer need to leave your beloved pet home alone. Slipon the comfortable carrier in seconds, place your pet in the kangaroo pouch, and off you go for a walk, hiking, shopping, household chores...whatever life requires. Your pet will be comfortable and happy and you'll have the benefit of more cuddle time with your best pal. Pet-A-Roo's design makes carrying your pet safe, comfortable and easy. "

Anyone else find this ridiculous? Michael and I died laughing when we came across it.

Skip forward to last night.

I decided to make a new recipe for the girls at the office for Valentines Day. It requires you to make lemon curd, which I had never made before. I first attempted to make this Monday night while my husband was home so he could entertain the puppy. Of course I failed miserably. I used a pot that was way to small and every time it would start getting the right consistency I'd have to remove it from the heat and let it cool down. Long story short, I ended up with lemon curd caramel. Great.

So I went back to the store last night and tried to attempt it again - alone. Let me just say Lola is a wild woman when I get home from work. She's been sleeping all day in order to save her energy to play with me when I get home. And when I say play, I really mean bite my toes. Forget the toys, she just wants to play with me and my appendages. I take her outside to "do her business" with no luck. Of course not.

The recipe requires me to whisk constantly for 12 plus minutes straight. Not a big deal right? Wrong. 2 minutes into it she makes a huge runny poo on my kitchen floor. I see her and I know exactly what is going to happen next. She's going to eat it. We've already washed her up 3 times from playing in her poo and it is not fun. (BTW what is with this fascination of one's own poo that dogs have?) So, I quickly pick her up while still whisking (I will not let these eggs curdle, no way!). In a furry to escape my one arm stronghold she does a gymnast like back flip out of my arms and lands (not so catlike) on my kitchen floor just narrowly escaping the poo.

Before you call the animal cruelty patrol on me, she's fine. I flipped out of course and told Michael, maybe we shouldn't have children since I go around dropping puppies on hard surfaces. I put her in her crate to recover and I went about my whisking. Both Lola and the lemon curd are fine. As for me? I'm contemplating on purchasing the Pet-A-Roo Pet Carrier.


  1. Oh my gosh..I would die if I saw someone actually carrying one! But, after your evening, it sounds like it would be put to good use. Unless of course, she decides to do gymnastics to get out of it!

  2. Don't you walk a dog, to actually get the dog to WALK, as in exercise. People are crazy, then again, I don't have animals, guess I'm not the most valid source in the world!

  3. Note to self: Whisking = crate. Non-negotiable!

  4. I would laugh my behind off if I actually saw someone carry one of those!

  5. If I were you I wouldn't relay that story to the ladies at work until after they've eaten the lemon curd thing!!!

  6. I am glad my puppies never went through the poop eating/rolling around in phase. They did go through the bite and scratch the hell out of everything phase. I had ruined shoes, books, they would EAT (chew up) my underwear. Be careful, you may be next!

  7. d.a.r. - I know, I really do think she could probably escape that as well. She's pretty darn good at scaling things. Sometimes I wonder if I really ended up with a cat?

    That one girl - Yes, it is a bit ridiculous. Although puppies need CONSTANT attention apparently and it's hard to get anything done, but they don't really like to just sit about either. So maybe it's not that fab of an idea.

    Sassy Britches - Agreed! The only reason I had her out in the first place is because she had been alone all day and I had felt guilty for going to dinner with friends so I couldn't just lock her up again! Agh!

    Jillian - Same here!

    lizspin - Probably a good idea haha. I did alot of hand washing though - I promise!

    Gwen B. - Biting and scratching (check!) She loves eating shoes but I try to keep everything away from her right now.

  8. Put her on your treadmill while you whisk. :) Hey - the dog whisperer does it!

  9. SHUT UP! I just bought lemon curd for my husband yesterday! He loves that stuff and I stumbled upon this cute little jar by Mackays, it's a Scottish curd.

    When I see people treat their ANIMALS like retarded children it makes me want to call the cops on them.

  10. Over from SITS! That Pet carrier is HILARIOUS :-) My dogs are way to big to be doing all that...heck my kids are getting too big too, hehe. Glad you are back to SITS, don't be a stranger!


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