Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vacation Location Picked!

I finally finished my tax return over the weekend, which means I got to plan our vacation! We decided on visiting Maya Riviera in Mexico. We have picked our resort and today Michael is in charge of calling with questions and seeing if he can get us a better deal! This is where we will be staying....

And we will definitely be doing this....although maybe at the actual spa. I'm not too big on being naked in public. Awkward!

I cannot wait! If anyone has been here and has any tips or advice, please share!


  1. How exciting! I'm sure you'll have a blast.

    YAY for tax refunds.

  2. I have a very disappointing tax return this year. As in more on the tax, and less on the return.

  3. I swear that I can fit in your suitcase.

  4. That looks like it will be so much fun! My only advise is to budget enough to order room service!

  5. You can't tell right now, but I totally have an "I'm so envious" face is going on.

    Awesome vacation destination!

  6. You should totally take me...seriously.


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