Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Closet Makeover: Before and After

So I think it is about time for me to finally reveal my before and after shots for my closet makeover. Until now, Michael and I had been moving every single year due to being in college and let's just say we had a lot of crap that I wanted to get rid of before our next move. I refused to take some of that stuff with me. It took me about 2 weeks to go through every closet, drawer, and cabinet in my house but I am finally finished (minus the trip to Goodwill).

Hall Closet: Before
Obviously the problem here was just plain disorganization. Nothing had a specific place and it created chaos. We needed some simple storage solutions to make everything a little easier to get to.

Hall Closet: After
I bought some cheap storage bags to house the patio cushions and seasonal wreathes. I made sure the things we used most often (vacuum and tools) were easy to get to.

Spare Bedroom Closet: Before
Michael and I are lucky enough to have our own separate closets so this one is mainly just used for out of season clothes, my dress pants, luggage, crafty stuff, and extra blankets. The problem here was that stuff always fell out on you and were hard to get to.

Spare Bedroom Closet: After
One thing that is still a problem in this closet is that we had to put a desk in the back in order to avoid getting a storage unit at this time. I decided to put my dress pants back in my closet in order to simplify putting outfits together in the mornings. I moved my casual dresses as well as my longer fancy dresses and our suits. I stored these in protective bags since they aren't something we use that often and were some of our more expensive items. I also got a storage bag to protect my Grandmothers quilts and grouped all the crafty items up top in a visible and accessible area. As for the extra blankets, I used the space bags!

Second Guest Bedroom Closet: Before
This closet was a complete disgrace. Let's just say my husband used the shove method on this one. It had every single receipt from 2006, wedding gifts, old school notebooks, albums, office supplies, and decorative items. You name it - it was there. Completely inaccessible.

Second Guest Bedroom Closet: After
We threw out a lot of stuff from this one and as you can see there is still some empty space! Yes! The key here was just grouping things together. I had some extra small storage boxes so I used them to house the office and computer supplies. The rest of the boxes contain wedding gifts that we don't have the space to use at this time. At least now, we know where everything is!


  1. impressed ;) way to go! I feel so good after I do things like that!


  2. wow, that's a lot of hard work! i've got a closet or two you can tackle for rich and i!

  3. It always feels good to organize a closet!

  4. I think I just passed out from ecstasy. It's beautiful. All of it. Sigh. MORE!


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