Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Doggie Mayhem

Lola is super spoiled now that I am home with her. She mostly stares out the window and barks at the neighbor cat who insists on sleeping outside our window. To my surprise though, she really does sleep most of the day. I had always thought that she must be bored out of her mind while I was at work because she was so wired when I got home, but apparently she is just a night owl.

She can be surprisingly needy though. I have determined that she is jealous of the computer. She's constantly trying to drag my hands off the keyboard, shove a toy in my face, or as a last resort walk on the keyboard and bark in my face.

We have been taking her to the Petsmart training classes and they have been helping somewhat. She's still ADD but she's getting it. Through the class we have found out that she really likes big dogs and hates small dogs as well as s he is a very jealous creature and will clammer for attention from others. She might be a touch on the over friendly side.

We have had 2 adventures while I have been home. The first one being the toy incident. She's been in destructo mode lately and every toy we get her is ruined in 5 minutes. So I got her this fun looking ball that seemed to be made of harder rubber...

Well she had pieces coming off of it in no time and made some very colorful poop. Michael tried to throw it away, but seriously it was $6. I thought we could try to make it last. Not kidding the next day - this happened.

The toy was lodged between her teeth and I couldn't get it out. She freaked out and threw up at least 3 times. She just kept walking around growling and making squishy rubbery sounds. I called Michael who had to come home from lunch to help me get it out. Of course by the time he got there she had broken through some of it and it came out no problem. I got the "I told you so" speech and the toy went in the trash.

This weekend she developed what I believe to be a UTI. I have been taking her out every 20 minutes since Saturday. I keep hoping she will flush it out with water, but no luck yet. I called the vet who instructed me that I needed to get a pee sample before I brought her in.....what? Can someone please tell me how you are suppose to go about getting that from a dog. I'm pretty sure I can't get her to pee in a cup and I don't even want to think about how you get it from the floor to the cup?!?!

Oh well, she's scratching at the door again. I should be happy because that's an accomplishment in itself. Yay for housebreaking! My carpets might make it after all.


  1. She is a cutie. Good luck finding the indestructible toy for her.

  2. Oh no- our furry children will certainly keep us young thats for sure!!
    it's the faces that get us :)
    question- I tried using this format before and to no luck I couldn't make it work for blogspot.
    How did you do that?
    Can you email me at kate.smurfs@gmail.com

    I'd really appreciate it!! :)

  3. the vet can insert a synringe in to her belly and get a pee sample. although it sounds bad, it's better than her being in UTI hell (pain-wise). those things are painful!!

    also - for toys... have you tried any kong products? they're super good for chewers. :)

    glad she's keeping you busy!

  4. Oh no!!! I shouldn't be giggling, but I kind of am at the thought of her gagging on a piece of toy stuck between her teeth. How random!!! Hope she feels better soon!

  5. If you can potty train your small dog, that is GREAT. Even if she does chew up her toys. Our small dog is seemingly impossible to potty train.

    I hope she feels better soon.

  6. I have to say---while I'm home for the summer (I'm a teacher), my puppy does the same thing...sleep! I thought he must be so bored while I'm at work, but he really does just sleep!

    Cute, cute blog by the way. Found you through my sister-in-law, Lyryn!

    I'll be following!



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