Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Have Learned from My Toddler...Who Happens to Be My Dog

This topic is from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Well it's suppose to be about a real child, but since I don't have one it's going to be about Lola. This strikes me as funny because I was just watching Kings of Queens last night and they were making fun of a cousin who always told stories about what you thought were children and in the end they were cats. But I digress...I'm not that lady, I swear. Don't hate me!

On to the point....
  • Lola has taught me to always be curious. You never know how much fun you can have with a plastic bottle or a bug until you try.

  • If you are as cute as the Bean (aka Lola), everyone must love you. Seriously...(we may or may not have a very conceited dog).

  • Licking yourself can be quite entertaining.

  • Your poo is never too stinky to eat. It's really the best way to get rid of the evidence.
  • If you're sneaky enough you can always get some good eats from the table or even the dishwasher while they aren't looking.

(We washed it....and promptly disciplined after we got the picture)

  • Lotion is delicious....almost as delicious as poo.

  • Size doesn't matter.

  • Hanging your head out the window and whatever other body parts fit out is the shiz nit!

  • Motorcycles are well as vacuums and hairdryers.
  • Everything can and will be destroyed!

(The best place to keep all of your treasures is under the bed!)


  1. Such a cute post...I may borrow one day!!

    My dog eats her poo too...yuck!!

  2. Cute dog! I'd love to have one someday myself.

  3. very true! from my little guy, i learned that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Sometimes it isn't his fault he went to the bathroom in the house... he tried to tell me :-(

  4. First cute dog. Second I just looked at your before and after closet pictures. PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE!!!!!

  5. ok... this was hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing!!!

  6. So cute! You can learn this from even dogs!


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